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  Communiqué de la société ZCCM du 07/06/2024 - ZCCM-IH _Notice of AGM

  07/06/2024 - 18:50

ZCCM-IH _Notice of AGM


[Incorporated in the Republic of Zambia]

Company registration number: 771

Share Code: ZCCM-IH

ISIN: ZM0000000037

[“ZCCM-IH” or “the Company”]


NOTICE IS HEREBY given that the Twentieth Annual General Meeting (AGM) of members of ZCCM Investments Holdings Plc will be held physically and virtually on Friday, 28 June 2024 at 10:00 hours at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Kenneth Kaunda Wing, Banquet Hall Number 1, Lusaka, Zambia and virtually via Video Conferencing on the following link, to transact the following business:

  1. To consider and adopt the Minutes of the 19th Annual General Meeting held on 29 September 2023.
  1. To consider and adopt the Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 23 February 2024.
  1. To receive and adopt the audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2023, together with the Reports of the Directors and the Auditors.
  1. To approve the final dividend of ZMW 1.51 per share recommended by the Directors for the year ended 31 December 2023.
  1. To consider, adopt and ratify the recommendation to appoint External Auditors for the financial year ended 31 December 2023, and to authorise the Directors to fix their remuneration.
  1. To consider and adopt the recommendation to appoint External Auditors for the financial year ending 31 December 2024, and to authorise the Directors to fix their remuneration.
  1. To ratify and confirm the appointment of a Non-Executive Director to the Board of the Company.
  1. To transact such other business as may properly be transacted at an Annual General Meeting.


  1. The 2023 ZCCM-IH Annual Reports can be accessed via the following link:
  1. A member entitled to attend and vote at the meeting is entitled to appoint any person (whether a member of the Company or not) to attend and to vote in his/her stead. A Proxy form and AGM Pack will be available on the Company website The completed Proxy Form must be lodged at the Registered Office of the Company, ZCCM-IH Office Park, Stand No. 16806, Alick Nkhata Road, P.O. Box 30048, Lusaka or emailed to before the commencement of the AGM.
  1. The proceedings of the Meeting will be streamed live through the following link, and shareholders are required to sign up:
  1. Shareholders and proxies who will join the Meeting virtually are requested to Sign Up now. After signing up successfully, login credentials will be delivered to your email or through an SMS to your phone.
  2. The key steps to follow are as given below:
  1. Sign up on the (“eAGM platform”) given.
  2. Log into the (“eAGM platform”), Select the ZCCM IH Meeting on the active meetings and register to attend the meeting on the day of the meeting
  1. To sign up for the Meeting, a shareholder must have a working email and an active cell phone number.
  1. The window for signing up for the Meeting shall be open on Friday, 28th June 2024 and automatically close at the commencement of the Meeting on Friday, 28th June 2024. Registration will commence at 08:00 hours on the day of the meeting. A shareholder who does not sign up before the start of the meeting will not be able to do so when the meeting starts. After registering, a shareholder will be allowed to join the meeting.
  1. The voting at the General Meeting will be conducted electronically via the following link: or through the Corpserve Shareholder Application whose links are given below: 

  1. To fully participate, virtually in the AGM, a shareholder must have a reliable internet connection.
  1. Queries on how to log into the Meeting, registration or on the voting process can be channelled to the Corpserve Transfer Agents on or Or phone 0950968435, 0771881287, 0762716221, 0979946143

By Order of the Board

Charles Mjumphi

Company Secretary

Issued in Lusaka, Zambia on 07 June 2024

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Exchange and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Zambia

First Issued on - 7 June 2024

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