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  Communiqué de la société VISIATIV du 06/07/2021

  06/07/2021 - 19:20

Acquisition of Ma Sauvegarde, SaaS platform providing real-time data backup for companies

Lyon, July 5, 2021 – 6pm. The Visiativ group, which develops digital platforms for business transformation, is listed on Euronext Growth in Paris (FR0004029478, ALVIV).


Visiativ has announced the acquisition of Ma Sauvegarde, software editor of a real-time backup solution for corporate data, from its founding chairman Hervé Favre. Based on a full SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, Ma Sauvegarde makes a high quality and innovative data backup and recovery technology available to VSEs and SMEs, similar to those widely used by large companies. More than 3,000 companies currently use the SaaS Ma Sauvegarde platform, which employs 12 people and has a turnover of almost one million euros, with growth of over 30% a year over the last three years.


Ma Sauvegarde was created 10 years ago and combines a powerful, mature and proven backup engine, integrating high-end backup technologies with a suite of operating software and a secure portal, making it easy to manage a large number of users, with maximum efficiency for companies.

Ma Sauvegarde is therefore a turnkey solution, also available as a private label for IT service providers and software editors, enabling companies to back up their user data simply, quickly and securely.


Ma Sauvegarde's advantages: simplicity, efficiency, optimisation and adaptability

Suitable for large-scale deployment, Ma Sauvegarde has been designed to be easy to set up, simple to manage on a daily basis and quick to use: it takes an average of 5 minutes daily for a Ma Sauvegarde customer to supervise the backups of 100 users.

An outsourced solution in SaaS mode, but also available in On Premise mode, the platform offers a high level of infrastructure security and is billed on a per-use basis. Ma Sauvegarde is ISO 27001 and HDS (health) certified. The data is hosted in France, in data centres that have the same certification.

Ma Sauvegarde features a CDP (Continuous Data Protection) backup engine for real-time data backup. The machine simply needs to be connected to the Internet for the backup to run smoothly. Thanks to the block incremental and deduplication technologies embedded in the backup agent, there are no bandwidth constraints and network flows are optimised: depending on the frequency selected (every quarter of an hour, half an hour or hour), the agent sends the data that has changed since the previous period, so that very little data is transmitted over the network.

Thanks to the Ma Sauvegarde administration tools, companies can access dashboards providing an overall status of the installed base, detailed information and a history of the life of each backup agent, intelligent and automated alerts, and a set of tools for reporting and communicating with users (emails, tables, etc.).


Purpose of the acquisition

This tie-up is a unique opportunity to supplement the Visiativ Group's data security offering, notably thanks to the quality of Ma Sauvegarde's solutions and the expertise of its teams, and also to boost Ma Sauvegarde's growth momentum in France and abroad.


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About Visiativ
A true platform of human and digital experiences, Visiativ is a global player with multiple areas of expertise (consulting, software editing and integration, platform creation, IT outsourcing). Through its unique value proposition, it helps accelerate companies' innovation and digital transformation. Working with mid-caps since its foundation in 1987, the Visiativ Group posted 2020 revenues of €190 million and boasts a diverse portfolio of over 18,000 customers. Covering all of France's business hubs and with operations worldwide (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, USA, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Morocco, UK and Switzerland), Visiativ has over 1,000 employees. The Visiativ share (ISIN code FR0004029478, ALVIV) is listed on Euronext Growth Paris. The share is eligible for the PEA and PEA-PME personal equity plans.

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