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  Communiqué de la société VISIATIV du 31/03/2021

  31/03/2021 - 09:15

Visiativ steps up its engagement and structures its CSR to respond to new development challenges

  • A CSR policy with four key focuses: Responsibility, Social and Environmental Footprint, Employee Experience, and Ecosystem

  • Non-financial objectives for 2023 aligned with the CATALYST plan


Lyon, 15 March 2021 – 6 pm – Visiativ, a creator of digital platforms to accelerate corporate transformation, is listed on Euronext Growth in Paris (FR0004029478, ALVIV).


Recent months have demonstrated Visiativ's strong resilience, and in particular the solidity of its business model. But the Group has also sought to take advantage of the unprecedented COVID-19 period to transform this limitation into an opportunity, by rethinking and structuring its corporate social responsibility policy (CSR).

Consistent with the CATALYST strategic plan, Visiativ is strengthening its CSER policy to respond, above and beyond financial objectives, to the Group's development challenges by focusing on four main areas:



Visiativ's social responsibility is based on a continuous policy of transparency and integrity with all stakeholders. As such, Visiativ revamped its governance and decision-making bodies in early 2020 to adapt them to its development targets. This is vital to ensuring transparency, balance and the monitoring of strategic focuses and driving the vision of the future at Group level.

In parallel, Visiativ has strengthened its responsible practices to prevent all forms of corruption and influence peddling and to protect data, both internal and those of its customers, regarding both the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and cybersecurity.


Social and Environmental Footprint

Visiativ is committed to contributing its human and financial resources to the social and environmental commitments that it holds dear.

To that end, Visiativ has created the Open Initiat'iv endowment fund to encourage and support the engagement of employees and promote skills sponsorship. The purpose of the fund is to finance and support charity-organisation and public-interest projects, particularly on the inclusion of people with disabilities or in vulnerable social situations, and foster access to new technologies through education. Visiativ is thus working alongside several organisations, including WeeeFund, which fights against school drop-out through the reuse of computers. Through this commitment, Visiativ enabled the opening of the very first computer room at the Cours La Passerelle à Pierre-Bénite school near Lyon, and also equipped the Handigital school, which trains and supports young people with disabilities in the digital professions.

The Group also measures its environmental impact by publishing a carbon assessment for its entire business scope and aims to address the sources of its direct CO2 emissions. To further its policy on the fight against global warming through innovation, Visiativ is one of the first businesses to support the Time for the Planet initiative aimed at financing technologies that will have a major impact worldwide. Looking beyond financing, Visiativ is the first company to have created the “Visiativ planet”, which brings together people with a shared interest, and to develop “comets” to encourage employees to commit to real-life initiatives in-house or for Time for the Planet.


Employee Experience

The Group is convinced that its key value lies in its employees. This employee experience is already written into the Group's DNA, but Visiativ is now seeking to create fresh impetus with the implementation in 2021 of the following focuses:

  • One Experience, through the Inclusion by Visiativ programme, to raise employee awareness of disabilities and strengthen initiatives with the clearly defined objective of becoming a disability-friendly company, and through Equality by Visiativ, to foster gender quality at all levels of the company;
  • Cooperative and singular, to boost the concept of collaborative work and individual engagement as part of well-balanced and positive work environments;
  • Designed to aim high, to ensure support for each employee in their acquisition and development of new skills;
  • Driven by leadership, for a company that is exemplary and transparent in its management, governance and strategic vision;
  • Based on a unique phygital workplace, by developing an innovative new platform able to support employees at all times in their experience and regardless of their place of work.

Through engaged and inclusive programmes strong on initiative and engagement, the employee experience contributes to the fulfilment and development of individuals and brings them the means to build a solid and ambitious business project.



Because it is convinced that strength comes from unity, Visiativ backs and develops initiatives that unify its ecosystem with a view to creating value through innovation and responding to future challenges.

To that end, Visiativ is a leader of Entreprise du Futur, a phygital platform of transformative collaboration, and Connect by Visiativ, an innovative community-based system for customers and partners.

The Group is also investing in projects such as Swarm, an innovation and transformation centre, and the Live for Good initiative, to support the new generation of young entrepreneurs with the goal of developing innovative solutions with a substantial social impact.

“Our investment in this new CSR momentum is proof that we firmly believe in a responsible, open and sustainable company. In a collaborative company with a collective focus. In a company where trust and boldness enable each employee to express themselves and lead innovative projects contributing to the Group's development. In an engaged company that transmits its singular and sincere values to its ecosystem. On this depends the success of the project for our future company,” said Grégory Jourdan, Chief Human Resources Officer and CSR.


As with its financial performance as part of the CATALYST plan, Visiativ has set strong non-financial objectives for the Group through these four focuses of the CSER strategy. To ensure complete transparency in its actions and to monitor performance on its social commitments, Visiativ has established SMART objectives for 2023:

Responsible practices Train 100% of employees on business ethics and anti-corruption practices New training courses
under development
Have 100% of our suppliers sign the responsible charter
Train 100% of our employees on harassment
Data protection Train 100% of employees on data protection and security New training course
under development
Social and environmental Triple the Group's financial resources devoted to the support of social and environmental issues €101,000
Devote 1% of the Group's human resources to the support of social and environmental issues 0.32% (2.5 FTEs)
Environmental Reduce our total greenhouse gas emissions by 20% 4,222 tonnes CO2 equivalent (tCO2e)
Visiateam experience Obtain an engagement rating of over 8 in the Resonance survey 7.7 / 10
One Experience Triple the number of employees with disabilities 9 employees recognised as employees with disabilities
Train 100% of our managers on disability and occupational gender equality New training course under development
Increase the proportion of women at the company and in management positions to at least 33% 30% of the workforce and 21% of management positions
Maintain a rating of over 80 in the gender and pay equality index 81 / 100
and singular
Maintain an absenteeism rate of under 3% 1.9%
Maintain a voluntary staff turnover rate of under 10% 9.5%
Equipped to aim higher Have people on work-study programmes account for at least 6% of our workforce 5.8%
Train 100% of our employees in 2 years (excluding mandatory training) 33%
Fill 25% of our positions through internal transfers 6.6%
Have 100% of employees benefit from an annual performance review 94%
Based on a phygital workplace Train 100% of our managers on remote management New training course
under development
Driven by the management Train 100% of our managers as part of the Drive programme New training course
under development


Click here to read Visiativ's CSR report.


About Visiativ

A true platform of human and digital experiences, Visiativ is a global player with multiple areas of expertise (consulting, software editing and integration, platform creation, IT outsourcing). Through its unique value proposition, it helps accelerate companies' innovation and digital transformation. Working with mid-caps since its foundation in 1987, the Visiativ Group posted 2020 revenues of €190 million and boasts a diverse portfolio of over 18,000 customers. Covering all of France's business hubs and with operations worldwide (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, USA, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Morocco, UK and Switzerland), Visiativ has over 1,000 employees. The Visiativ share (ISIN code FR0004029478, ALVIV) is listed on Euronext Growth Paris. The share is eligible for the PEA and PEA-PME personal equity plans.

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