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  Communiqué de la société TESSI du 08/02/2021

  08/02/2021 - 18:00

2020 Turnover: EUR 412.6 m

€m 2020 2019 Change Change
9-month turnover1 301.9 272.5 +10.8% -3.2%
Q4 turnover1 110.7 96.1 +15.2% +0.3%
Total 12-month turnover1 412.6 368.6 +11.9% -2.3%

1 The data presented excludes the contribution of the Spanish businesses sold in January 2021 (see 8 January press release), which are included in “discontinued operations” in the 2020 financial statements.

2 Calculated by including in 2019 the pre-consolidation turnover generated by Orone and ADM Value.

Tessi, a global provider of Business Process Services, posted Q4 2020 turnover of €110.7 million, benefiting from the consolidation of ADM Value. On a proforma like-for-like basis1, the Group posted moderate growth of 0.3% over the period, despite the continuing impact of the pandemic.

This performance took annual turnover to €412.6 million. On a proforma like-for-like basis, the full-year decline was limited to 2.3%.


With a renewed focus on its core businesses in France, Spain, Switzerland and Latin America following the sale of its Spanish operations, Tessi intends to pursue its development in 2021 by targeting a return to organic growth and by remaining ready to seize new acquisition opportunities.

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2020 results, 8 April 2021 after market close
Tessi is an international provider of Business Process Services that helps businesses digitise the customer experience. Tessi operates in 14 countries worldwide, has around 11,000 employees and posted 2020 turnover of €413.0 million. Tessi is listed on Euronext Paris - Compartment B (TES).
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