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  Communiqué de la société STREAMWIDE du 20/10/2021

  20/10/2021 - 10:00

STREAMWIDE selected for phase 3 in the european Broadway project within the consortium led by Airbus


_ Paris, October 20, 2021 – Airbus DS SLC-led consortium that includes STREAMWIDE, has been selected for Phase 3 of the BroadWay PCP Innovation pan-European interoperable mobile broadband project for public security and disaster relief.

Following the successful completion of Phase 2 last July, Airbus' submitted offer has thoroughly convinced the Technical Validation Committee (TVC) and Lead Procurer for the final Phase of the program. The consortium therefore swiftly makes its way towards the third and final Phase of the innovation project.

Two consortia, Airbus and Frequentis, have been selected for the final Phase which started in October 2021 and will run until end of September 2022. The outcomes of the project will be available for immediate use at European or national levels.

The consortium brings various added value and benefits thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, relying in particular on the roaming solution and on the secure collaborative mobility communication platform developed by STREAMWIDE for critical missions (Team on mission).

The BroadWay project groups together 11 countries of the European Union and currently covers 1.4 million of the 3.5 million responders across Europe. The project aims to provide European first responders with new and mobile communication capabilities, which are fundamental for a closer collaboration, beyond borders, during complex pan-European events. It will, on one hand, protect lives in the event of a critical incident, such as natural disasters or terrorist acts, and on the other hand, increase European cooperation during civil protection operations, such as the fight against organized crime, rescue operations or the organization of events requiring enhanced security.

The solution prototype, currently being developed by the consortium of which STREAMWIDE is a member, will focus on the technical aspects of achieving operational mobility. This will give public safety responders the possibility to access and share information from any place and at any time across the European Union while allowing them to maintain the high level of security, availability and continuity of the services needed during their mobility.

Additionally, the consortium' prototype can be used for numerous purposes, allowing communication, control, and security through shared mobile broadband networks in an easy-roll out design. This structure will also allow any European country to join the future BroadNet network in a quick and easy way.

The consortium is composed of Airbus DS SLC (France), STREAMWIDE (France), BICS (Belgium) and Proximus (Belgium). Pentatech (Poland), Umlaut (Germany) and Proximus Luxembourg are part of the consortium as subcontractor.

In this Consortium, STREAMWIDE is providing Mission Critical Solutions for communication and interoperability services.



A major player for 20 years in the critical communications market, STREAMWIDE has successfully developed its Team on mission (mission critical) and Team on the run (business critical) software solutions for administrations and businesses. These solutions for smartphones and PCs, offered in a SaaS model or on Premise, benefit from numerous functionalities such as the multimedia group discussions, VoIP, push-to-talk (MCPTT and MCx new generation 4G / 5G LTE), geolocation, digitization and automation of business processes. These innovative solutions meet the growing needs for digital transformation and real-time coordination of interventions. They allow field teams to transform individual contributions into collective successes and to act as one in the most demanding professional environments.

STREAMWIDE is also present on the Value-Added Services software market for telecom operators (visual voice messaging, billing and charging of calls in real time, interactive voice servers, applications and announcements) with more than 130 million end users all over the world.

Based in France and present in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa, STREAMWIDE is listed on Euronext Growth (Paris) – ALSTW FR0010528059.

For more information, and visit our LinkedIn pages @streamwide and Twitter @streamwide .


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Président Directeur Général | DAF Investor Relations Press Relations
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