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  Newsroom de la société LA PERLA FASHION HOLDING N.V.

About Us

La Perla Fashion Holding N.V., as a luxury fashion holding company, is the direct shareholder of La Perla Global Management (UK) Limited and its subsidiaries (the “Operating La Perla Group”).

The Operating La Perla Group is a leading designer, manufacturer and seller of high-end luxury lingerie, nightwear and beachwear, as well as ready-to-wear products and accessories. It trades under the brand “La Perla” and the product portfolio reflects La Perla's exclusivity and uniqueness, by combining creativity, innovation and style with quality and craftsmanship. The Operating La Perla Group's business operations are located in London, the United Kingdom, and its design, research and development as well as its production facilities are located predominantly in Bologna, Italy. The Operating La Perla Group operates globally and, as of June 30, 2019, had various points of sale, consisting of 70 boutiques, of which 44 were operated by the La Perla Operating Group and 26 were operated by third parties, 40 department stores selling La Perla's products on the basis of concessions directly or via shop-in-shops and 24 outlets and various digital sales platforms, including the online shop “” and third-party operated platforms.

As a holding company that is currently active in the luxury fashion industry, La Perla Fashion Holding N.V. may, in the future, seize opportunities to grow its business and, in particular, acquire luxury fashion companies or stakes in such companies as well as expand its current business into the beauty market. Any acquisitions will have to be aligned with the Company's strategic objectives.