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  Communiqué de la société GROUPE LDLC du 16/05/2023

  16/05/2023 - 20:00


LIMONEST, 16 MAY 2023, 8.00 PM

Through its subsidiary LDLC Event, the LDLC Group has been a pioneering driver of e-sports in France, contributing to the discipline's professionalisation and recognition. In 2010, the Group created Team LDLC, which merged with the Olympique Lyonnais team in 2020 to become LDLC OL. Over nearly 15 years, LDLC OL has ranked on the podium in over 180 national and international competitions and has trained over 30 active professional players. 

While the teams benefit from a considerable reputation and recognition among gaming enthusiasts, they have not, despite their best efforts, managed to carve out a sufficient positioning among the general public. As such, the LDLC Group and OL Group have decided on the early termination of their LDLC OL partnership with effect from the end of July 2023. The end of this partnership will also mark LDLC Event's withdrawal from the e-sport scene and the cessation of its operational activities in this sector.

The LDLC Group would like to thank all LDLC Event and LDLC OL teams for their commitment and professionalism and wish them every success in their future e-sports projects.


The LDLC Group was one of the first to venture into online sales in 1997. As a specialist multi-brand retailer and a major online IT and high-tech equipment retailer, the LDLC Group targets individual customers (BtoC) as well as business customers (BtoB). It operates via 15 retail brands, has 7 e-commerce websites and close to 1,000 employees.

Winner of a number of customer service awards and widely recognised for the efficiency of its integrated logistics platforms, the Group is also developing an extensive chain of brand stores and franchises.

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