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  Communiqué de la société LATECOERE du 08/10/2018

  08/10/2018 - 18:00

Latécoère awarded contract for aerospace harnesses for BlackSky's earth observation satellite constellation

Latécoère, through its Interconnection Systems branch - No. 2 worldwide in onboard wiring - today announces that it has been selected by LeoStella to supply harnesses for BlackSky's new-generation small satellites.

LeoStella, a joint venture between the space alliance formed by Thales Alenia Space, Telespazio and Spaceflight Industries, will be responsible for manufacturing small satellites at scale in order to deliver innovative geospatial services.

With a three-year orbital life, the first smallsats will be put into orbit from 2019. This new contract totalling around US$3 million was signed for a five-year term with possible additional contract model options.

Under this agreement, Latécoère will contribute to the design, development and manufacture of harnesses for the 64 planned earth observation satellites that will enable users of BlackSky services to benefit from innovative, cutting-edge measurement tools.

Latécoère CEO Yannick Assouad said, “The LeoStella project represents a vital strategic issue for the space industry. Latécoère was naturally ready to take up this ambitious challenge in the world of ‘new space'. No. 2 global onboard wiring supplier, our Interconnection Systems division will offer its state-of-the-art expertise to the BlackSky programme.”

About Latécoère

Latécoère is a tier 1 partner to major international aircraft manufacturers (Airbus, Embraer, Dassault, Boeing and Bombardier), in all segments of the aeronautical market (commercial, regional, corporate and military aircraft), specialising in two fields:

  • Aerostructures (61% of total revenue): fuselage sections and doors.
  • Interconnexion systems (39% of total revenue): onboard wiring, electrical harnesses and avionics bays.

At 31 December 2017, Latécoère employed 4,451 people in 10 different countries. Latécoère, a French corporation (société anonyme) with capital of €189,489,904 divided into 94,744,952 shares with a par value of €2 per share, is listed on Euronext Paris - Compartment B. ISIN codes: FR0000032278 - Reuters: LAEP.PA - Bloomberg: LAT.FP

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