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  Communiqué de la société JML Finance (Luxembourg) SARL du 15/02/2021

  15/02/2021 - 09:00


In accordance with the terms of the liquidity contract between JML Finance (Luxembourg) Sàrl (“JMLF(L)s”) and Invest Securities, the following activity took place between 1st July 2020 and 31st December 2020:

  • Number of Buy transactions: 128
  • Number of Sell transactions: 130
  • Volume of bonds bought: 157 bonds
  • Volume of bonds sold: 182 bonds
  • Total value of Buy transactions: €156,359.54
  • Total value of Sell transactions: €181,744.10

As at 31st December 2020, the following resources were held on the liquidity account :

  • €150,334.45 in cash
  • 55 bonds

Since their listing on Euronext on 10th October 2019, JMLF(L)s' bonds were tradable in multiples of €1,000. The above information is presented on this basis.

On 14th January 2021, Euronext notified JML Finance (Luxembourg) Sàrl of a correction to this convention. From 18th January 2021, the minimum tradable amount / denomination became €100,000 and integral multiples of €1,000 in excess thereof. Since 18th January 2021, all trading in JMLF(L)s bonds has been on this basis. Future updates in relation to the liquidity contract will also be on this basis.

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