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  Communiqué de la société INVIBES ADVERTISING du 28/04/2021

  28/04/2021 - 17:45

Invibes Advertising : Organic growth of +98% in first-quarter 2021.

Organic growth of +98% in first-quarter 2021

London, 28 April 2021 – Invibes Advertising, an advanced technology company specialised in digital advertising, reports organic growth of +98% for first-quarter 2021. 

Unaudited consolidated
 data, in €k
Q1 2021 Q1 2020  Δ
Consolidated revenue 3,445  1,738  +98%

The remarkable quarterly performance is the result of a strategy relying on the major strategic drivers that fuel the Group's growth.

Continued innovation with the roll-out of the Invibes ID Network to challenge Web giants
The Invibes ID Network launched by Invibes Advertising is based on the same principle as Unified ID Solutions. The aim of the new network is to provide an alternative to third-party cookies (to be discontinued in early-2022) that enables advertisers to continue disseminating targeted ads, use hash emails that website visitors agree to communicate, and analyse users' browsing behaviour between several sites.
With the new project, Invibes Advertising will be able to challenge Web giants through its technological prowess, its ability to unify a dense international network, and its firepower in identifying and targeting internet users, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The initial integrations are under way in France and international implementation is planned for second-quarter 2021.

Boosted value proposal for brands and agencies 
The sales momentum of Invibes Advertising gathered steam in the first quarter, driven by ever increasing visibility with major international brands and agencies. 
Invibes Advertising led numerous ad campaigns over the period, including for Chanel, Deutsche Telekom, Amazon, Disney+, LinkedIn, Johnson & Johnson, Beiersdorf, Nespresso, Dyson, Amazon, Orange, Samsung, Audi, Barilla, Unicredit, BMW, MaxMara, the UK Government, The Very Group, Microsoft, Lionsgate and Panasonic. 
The unique value proposal of the Company's offering, as well as its strong reputation on the European digital advertising markets, non-stop innovation ability and the quality of its teams, will be strong catalysts of future growth. 

Based on a proprietary technological platform integrating data and artificial intelligence to ensure enhanced targeting for its customers and maximum efficiency for their campaigns, the strategy of Invibes Advertising is starting to produce results. In addition to a sharp rise in the number of customers in the last few months, the average basket has also continued to increase substantially. On the strength of these performances, and given its solid financial structure, Invibes Advertising is confident that it will maintain a sustained pace of growth in 2021, as it did consistently before the health crisis.

About Invibes Advertising
Invibes Advertising is an advanced technology company that specializes in digital advertising. Its innovative solutions are supported by an in-feed format that's integrated into media content. 
Invibes is inspired by social network advertising and develops its own technology to help brands better communicate with consumers. Its technology is optimized for distributing in a closed network of media sites, including: Bertelsmann, Hearst, Unify, Groupe Marie Claire, Axel Springer, and many others. Clients include major brands such as Mercedes, Samsung, Levis, and IBM.
Founded in 2011, Invibes Advertising is a listed company on the Euronext Paris stock exchange (Ticker: ALINV – ISIN: BE0974299316). Visit for more information.

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