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  Communiqué de la société INDIGO GROUP (ex GROUPE INFRA PARK) du 17/01/2019

  17/01/2019 - 18:00

Indigo Group strengthens position in France by signing an agreement to acquire the parking activities of Spie batignolles concessions

Indigo Group, the world-leading car parking and individual mobility group, has reached an agreement to acquire the parking activities of Spie batignolles concessions, operated under the Spie Autocité brand. This acquisition will allow the Group to increase the density of its network in France in the cities in which it is already present.

The agreement is aligned with Indigo's Goal 2025 strategy announced in March 2018 to focus on priority markets in which it holds a leading position or sees opportunity to become a leading operator. It follows the acquisition of Besix Park in Belgium in July 2018, and the sale of its subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia in December 2018.

The Spie batignolles group has been operating car parks since 2000 under the Spie Autocité brand. Building on its established relationship with local authorities, the group operates 14 contracts, comprising 29 car parks of which one is under construction, and 2 on-street operations, together totaling around 20,000 parking spaces. The car parks are located in Paris, primarily nearby the gates of Paris (Porte de Saint Cloud, Porte d'Auteuil, Porte de St Ouen), and in suburban areas (La Garenne Colombes, Montrouge, Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Achères), as well as in Lille and Lyon. In 2017, these parking activities generated revenues of around €32 million.

The complementary nature of the two groups' geographical footprint will lead to significant operational synergies. Indigo Group will bring its expertise in terms of operations and reinvented customer experience, with the ambition of offering cities a global solution for parking and mobility.

The operational staff of Spie Autocité, which comprises approximately 60 people, will be taken over by Indigo in France. They will benefit from the opportunities offered by Indigo to all its employees in terms of personal and career development, especially via the Indigo Campus.

The transaction, subject to conditions precedent, shall be finalized by the end of the first half of 2019.



Jean-Charles Robin, Chairman of the Board of Spie batignolles, said: “In a context of concentration of the sector, the sale of our parking concession business to Indigo Group will give it the opportunity to pursue its development whilst benefiting from the know-how and the innovation capacities of this key player in parking and urban mobility.”

Serge Clemente, Chief Executive Officer of Indigo Group, said: “The concession profile of the portfolio developed by Spie Autocité is fully in line with Indigo Group's densification and development strategy based on the infrastructure model. This acquisition will increase the diversity of our portfolio by integrating car parks with prime geographical locations, particularly in Paris and in its first-ring suburbs, as well as in the rest of France. We will continue to invest in these car parks to prepare them for the emergence of intelligent and autonomous cars, in addition to the services currently offered through shared mobility platforms and digital parking solutions.”

The Group confirms its positioning as a key partner of municipalities for parking and individual mobility solutions, as well as its solid and profitable growth strategy in countries where it holds a leading or co-leading position, in the long term and in line with its BBB rating, while pursuing its innovation and quality policy focused on its customers.




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About Indigo Group

Indigo Group, holding about 100% of Indigo Infra, OPnGO and INDIGO® weel, is a key global player in car parking and urban mobility, that manages more than 2.3 million parking spaces and related services in 10 different countries. As of 31 December 2017, Indigo Group revenues and EBITDA amounted to €897.5 million and €310.0 million respectively (Global Proportionate figures).

Indigo Group is indirectly held at approximately 49.2% by investment funds managed by Ardian, 49.2% by Crédit Agricole Assurances, and the remainder by the employees and management of the Group.

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