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  Communiqué de la société EDILIZIACROBATICA du 23/07/2021

  23/07/2021 - 16:10


EdiliziAcrobatica®, the leading company in Italy and Europe for rope-access work, has put its brand-new website online. As a result of several months of synergistic collaboration between the company's Marketing & Communication team, the Dueper Studio group, and the SEO Specialist Michele Arena, EdiliziAcrobatica®'s new website represents a crucial stepping stone in the cross-media communication strategy the Group is implementing: the Company's values and key messages are inclusiveness, meritocracy, beauty and sustainability, which also come to life on the digital platform starting with needs and desires, and from the perspective of the project's true protagonist: the user. And it is precisely this audience to whom EdiliziAcrobatica® has dedicated its homepage, featuring a phrase that summarizes our call to action to all our external customers, from those who need a construction project to those seeking new job opportunities: "Start with what you desire".

This is EdiliziAcrobatica®'s vision, its way of doing business, always on the side of people, always with the utmost attention to their level of satisfaction, the one expressed in our new website. And besides, the growth of the group, which today boasts more than 1,200 employees and is continuously seeking personnel, with more than 100 operating areas in Italy, France, and Spain, can be explained only through an entirely new way of conceiving construction. Construction that respects people and caters to the beauty of every corner of our wonderful country, with personnel trained not only to deliver work to the highest standards but also to ensure a unique experience for the people who choose us.

"Our group - explained Simona Filice, who leads the Department - is committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to care for their home without compromise. Superb quality in work performance together with light, order, freedom and the beauty of having the opportunity to continue to enjoy your space, when you want and with whom you want, even during construction work. A natural inclination, that for beauty, which residents of a building undergoing renovation must often renounce for a wide variety of work-related issues. So, with our technology, we've made beauty accessible to everyone without discounting safety or quality. And this is what you experience in the new site: the opportunity for everyone to start from what they desire, aiming at the purest of beauty, with the utmost respect for the environment and people, regardless of whether they need to renovate their condominium's facade or restore a portion of the Roman Forum."

"Our focus is on UI and UX - continued Mattia Marchesi, EA's Marketing Manager- it must be immediate and simple for any user to find information. Useful. As we are. And again, to capture our identity, we dedicated space on the homepage to the people who work every day to ensure excellence for people who need construction work: the people who work in the group".

In addition to the various sections that illustrate the company's history, values, and the profiles of some of the people who work in the group, testifying to the central importance of people in the company' philosophy, one of the main focuses is on the services offered, these too categorized and presented from an end-user perspective. The Services for you section is, in fact, organized in a highly efficient manner and with content detailed so that EA's customers, whether existing or potential, can easily find the solution they are seeking.

The Careers section is another core area of the site. Here, too, EdiliziAcrobatica® decided to adopt an approach aligned as closely as possible with the needs of people looking for new job opportunities. The sections and application forms, in fact, are divided by structure and fields depending on the applicant's profile type to simplify the user's experience as much as possible and simultaneously facilitate the convergence between the company's needs and those of people outside the company, in a complex process such as the search for a new profession.

"Joining this team - explained Gilberto Girardi, co-founder of Dueper Studio - to contribute to the design and development of EdiliziAcrobatica®'s new Italian site was an exciting challenge that involved Dueper Studio's graphic designers, developers, and project managers. As a result, the new website we present to you, not a mere restyling operation but a complete reorganization of the content, has successfully achieved its goal of enhancing the brand, its dynamism, and extraordinary energy."

"Putting a new website online - commented Michele Arena - is always a delicate and challenging operation requiring planning and tactical choices. Users and search engines must have the ability to effectively navigate the new structure without traumas and errors that could compromise a site's indexing with its history and ambitious goals. For Matteo Ginnetti and me, having undertaken this project in full harmony with the EdiliziAcrobatica® team and the other entities involved was a wonderful personal and professional opportunity."

EdiliziAcrobatica®'s new site also features a gallery rich with images and videos that are spectacular and, at the same time, illustrate the quality and type of site work we provide. The purpose, in this case, is not only to show the spectacular nature of rope-access work but above all to give a complete view of the different stages of work that characterize the achievements of our company's acrobatic masons.

Completing the site, with a view directed more to the corporate target than the consumer, are the Investor area, where, in a spirit of absolute transparency, EA presents the company's KPIs updated monthly, and the brand-new area dedicated to the ESG(Environmental Social Governance) project, in which the company explains its commitment to the environment through various projects in which it is involved as a key player and which will soon host the results of a University of Genoa study conducted on the low environmental impact associated with rope-access renovations.

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