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  Communiqué de la société ECONOCOM du 15/05/2024 - Econocom joins the consortium headed by Onepoint and supports its strategic plan to save Atos

  15/05/2024 - 18:30

Econocom joins the consortium headed by Onepoint and supports its strategic plan to save Atos

Press release

15 May 2024

Econocom joins the consortium headed by Onepoint

and supports its strategic plan to save Atos

Econocom, an industrial group specializing in the digital transformation of private and public organizations, listed on Euronext Brussels and founded 50 years ago by French entrepreneur Jean-Louis Bouchard, announced today that it has joined the consortium formed by Onepoint, the leader in the technological transformation of companies and public agencies headed by David Layani, with the aim of turning Atos into the European platform for digital, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence and Europe's leading sovereign cloud provider.

This venture is also supported by Butler Industries, a French private equity firm based in Paris and founded by Walter Butler, with offices in Shanghai, London and Singapore. It is a continuation of the ongoing partnership between Econocom and Atos: over the past 20 years the two groups have collaborated on a number of IT co-sourcing projects for major groups, mainly for equipment and systems, and set up a joint venture together in 2022.

In accordance with the offer submitted to Atos's Board of Directors on 3 May 2024, the strategic plan supported by the consortium is based on three key objectives:

  • Protecting and preserving the entirety of the Group's assets;
  • Enabling the Group to resume a profitable growth trajectory as soon as possible;
  • Restructuring Atos's debt.

Jean-Louis Bouchard, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Econocom, said: “I am delighted to join the consortium set up by Onepoint and Butler Industries to help save the flagship of French technology that is Atos. Econocom has an historic partnership with Atos which has grown constantly over the years. It is our duty to protect and continue this partnership by supporting the only credible venture that can guarantee the group's robustness and longevity: the one led by Onepoint, a company that shares our boldness and our entrepreneurial values.”


The Econocom Group, created 50 years ago, is a pioneer in supporting the digital transformation of companies. Its solutions, focused on the development and transformation of the workplace, audiovisual & digital signage as well as infrastructure, cover the full range of responsibilities and expertise necessary for any digital venture: from the design phase and help in the choice of the solution to the deployment of the equipment and outsourcing. It includes the purchase or rental of equipment, customisation, associated and managed services, as well as the reconditioning of end-of-life equipment.

Present in 16 countries with more than 8,800 employees, Econocom is listed on Euronext in Brussels, Bel Mid and Family Business indices. It generated revenue of €2,681 million in 2023.


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