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  Communiqué de la société GROUPE CIOA du 01/03/2022

  01/03/2022 - 10:30

CIOA announces a 165 million EUR financing to accelerate its development

La Garde (France), March 1st 2022

CIOA announces a 165 million euro financing to accelerate its development

CIOA Group, an engineering and development company, announces a €165m financing from Landes Finance, a financing and investment company based in Montreal, Canada.

This is a partially convertible bond with a 10-year maturity, an early redemption clause, a 4.5% coupon and a 2-year grace period.

This funding will allow the CIOA Group to:

  • Expand and promote its sales and marketing efforts,
  • To develop housing programmes in France, French overseas departments and Africa (individual and collective houses with its off-site building process) and residential leisure parks (to accommodate its Tiny Houses),
  • To deploy a network of house-builders, to offer quality, low-carbon, affordable homes.
  • Develop innovative and scalable business applications to diversify its SaaS offerings,
  • Organize a network of licensees to distribute its business solutions on the domestic and international markets.

With these combined devices, CIOA Group is aiming for a turnover of 100 millions euros within 48 months.

« We are enthusiastic about the idea of strengthening the industrial tool and enabling CIOA to provide increased support to its new licensees, both in France and internationally. With its new production facilities, the BATIR subsidiary will be able to manufacture low-carbon buildings up to R+10 and serve the institutional markets ».

« In addition to meeting the group's financial needs, this new tailor-made financing provided by Landes Finance will enable us to accelerate our growth and take a significant place in the field of collaborative development » ; « Thank you to the LANDES FINANCE team for taking the time to understand the efficiency of CIOA's atypical model » declared Mr. Lionel LUCIDE, General Manager of the CIOA Group.


About Landes Finance

Landes Finance (dba JD Euroway) is an international investment and finance company based in Canada, with assets under management in excess of USD 2 billion as at 30 March 2021. Founded in 2000, the company works closely with its clients to provide them with tailored, alternative and innovative financing to support their current and future capital needs.

Landes Finance focuses on an opportunistic, value-driven and risk-controlled approach to financing in the areas of credit, debt-equity, real assets, special situations and equity. The company is a source of private funds for public and private companies and focuses on long-term value creation through active and collaborative partnerships."

For more information on Landes Finance, visit:

About CIOA :

Founded in 1994, CIOA is a business engineering group listed on Euronext ACESS (MLCIO) that develops an original system for pooling professional resources to provide its members - public and private organisations of all sizes and sectors - with innovative solutions to adapt to disruptions, create value and carry out complex projects.

To recruit and support users for its platform, CIOA runs a network of co-developers - service providers and value-added resellers - who provide intellectual and non-intellectual services to members and assist them in their use of the open access resources, to :

  • Doing business internationally,
  • Integrate digital into their business strategies,
  • Industrialising production processes,
  • Carrying out unitary real estate projects or volume building programs.

The CIOA platform is unique in meeting the key needs of our changing society:

  • Increasing the resilience of economic operators
  • Create diverse work opportunities and a motivating environment for the self-employed,
  • Builds residential, recreational, professional, economical and low-carbon buildings everywhere

For more information on the CIOA Group, please visit:

106, impasse Edouard Branly - 83130 LA GARDE - FRANCE
Tel : 33(0)4 94 14 12 40 - Email :

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