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  Communiqué de la société GROUPE CIOA du 26/11/2019

  26/11/2019 - 12:00

Mega contract for CIOA in Ghana

La Valette du Var (France) - Accra (Ghana), November 2019, 26th.

The French engineering company has won a contract to build 200,000 housing units on behalf of the State of Ghana for USD 7.6 billion.

The Ghanaian developer ICL GROUP & PARTNERS, under contract with the State of Ghana for the construction of a 200,000 housing program, has chosen CIOA to ensure its delegated project management.

In this context, CIOA will provide a "Manufacturing as a Service" service and will deploy its innovative industrial resources to build 20,000 homes per year over the next 10 years.

  • A "eco-friendly" construction program : 80% of the materials used come from recycling, limiting the carbon footprint of the operation as much as possible.
  • An inclusive program : the simplicity of the modular construction system implemented will enable the hiring of 7,500 local workers, after their passage to the "LABOR DOMUS" training centre that CIOA will install in Ghana,
  • An industrialisation program : to limit logistics costs and create local value added, CIOA will chose manufacturers and suppliers wishing to supply this non-standard market to set up their production unit in Ghana. In addition to benefiting from the support of the local team, the latter will be offered a "Take-offer" contract to ensure the buy back of their production.
  • Social impacts : 3% of the amount of the program will be devoted to community facilities (nurseries, schools, hospitals, religious and cultural places, shops and activities, etc.).

For Mr Elie-Armand ESSAMA, CEO of ICL GROUP & PARTNERS, "With nearly 2 million square meters to be built each year, the challenge was to mobilize industrial capacities for a fast and reliable execution of objectives, using local manpower. CIOA combines these capacities, combined with multidisciplinary expertise, to provide the Ghanaian team with efficient means to act.

For Mr Léon LUCIDE, President of CIOA, "This major program confirms the group's pioneering position as an alternative developer of emerging countries, with its collaborative, efficient and transparent solutions. This contract also opens up many opportunities for members of CIOA ecosystem, prime contractors, industrialists, entrepreneurs... who also make CIOA ! »

2020 will be devoted to the preparation of operations and team training, for an effective launch in 2021.


With a growth of 8.5% in 2017 and 6.9% in 2018, Ghana is one of the most dynamic economies in Africa.

However, the country faces a severe housing shortage affecting both social categories and intermediaries. The State rely on private developers to whom it bring its sovereign guarantees for the construction of housing which it undertakes to buy back, once completed, for rental to civil officials and employees in the private sector.

Thus, as part of its selection of private partners, the Government of Ghana chose ICL GROUP & PARTNERS to carry out the reffered contract.

ICL GROUP & PARTNERS is a multi-service firm managed by Mr Elie-Armand ESSAMA, engaged in business services, agriculture, real estate and logistics.

About CIOA

A business engineering group listed on EURONEXT PARIS, CIOA provides organizations of all sizes with the strategies, connections and resources to succeed in today's volatile environment.

In development of territories, digital and business services, CIOA deploys its global and creative solutions, its shared resources and the multidisciplinary expertise of its network of co-developers, to create locally, work and added value.

In the development and real estate sector, CIOA offers a unique Manufacturing as a Service offer. MaaS is an agile production concept. Specialized companies form a network to offer a turnkey product to the customer, according to his request.

Are thus mobilized:

  • TITAN FACTORY, automated steel structure manufacturing technology. This pocket-sized industrial robot produces the structural elements of a building from its digital BIM model,
  • BATI-BLOCK FACTORY, a new miniaturized industrial unit that manufactures self-locking blocks made of compressed earth, stabilized using a patented formula, to cover structures,
  • ROAD ROCK, the process based on road paving copolymer without the addition of aggregates. It solidifies the base and surface of treated soils, for a resistance twice that of concrete, without damage to the environment.
  • With 120,000 suppliers who are members of its marketplaces, the CIOA purchasing group also ensures the complete supply of its customers' sites,
  • With E-Chantier, a digital infrastructure is offered to support the entire program, from its design to its implementation, coordinate the players, manage in real time the operational, relational and financial aspects.

With this unique integrated solution, CIOA is well equipped to participate in the emergence of countries in the South.

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