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  19/01/2021 - 18:35


Paris, January 19, 2021 – 18:00 CET

ATEME (ISIN: FR0011992700), the emerging leader in video delivery infrastructure, today closed the acquisition of Anevia, a software vendor providing solutions for the delivery of live TV, streaming video, time-shifted TV and video on demand (VOD) services, following the successful public offering and squeeze-out implemented today.

In exchange for the Anevia shares contributed to the mixed offer, ATEME's share capital was increased to €1,558,945.36 via the issuance of 74,920 new ordinary shares, bringing the company's total number of shares outstanding to 11,135,324 shares.

The merger results in the creation of a global leader in video delivery technologies. Powerful synergies between the two companies' software offerings, which span the whole process from content capture to delivery, allow the group to offer a portfolio comprising the most innovative end-to-end solutions on the market. As such, the new group is perfectly positioned to support major video content and service providers worldwide and to meet their current and future requirements in terms of optimizing CDN delivery costs via cloud-based AI, improving the user experience and boosting subscriber loyalty, and monetizing content via targeted advertising.

As a reminder, the Group now boasts a headcount of around 450 employees, including 280 based in France and 200 working in R&D. This new dimension strengthens the Group's competitive positioning and should enable it to grow its market share (estimated at around 5% based on combined revenues of €82 million in 2019 in a global market worth USD 2 billion).

The operational merger with the Anevia teams launched a few months ago is making swift progress. Driven by the ongoing integration of technical offerings and the roll-out of cross-cutting sales and marketing strategies, NEA solutions are expected to benefit from this surge in the Group's business from 2021 onwards. Bolstered by a common vision and shared values of respect and innovation, the new group aims to rapidly become the go-to video solution provider for billions of consumers.

ATEME Chairman and CEO Michel Artières said: “We are proud to announce the completion of the Anevia acquisition. The fact that investors chose to respond favorably and generously to our offer is a source of inestimable satisfaction for all ATEME and Anevia teams. The resounding success of the operation shows the trust they have placed in the new group and its potential for development. Our employees are already fully galvanized to make this merger a source of value creation for Group customers and shareholders alike.”

Anevia CEO Laurent Lafarge added: “We are delighted with the completion of this merger with ATEME, which offers new prospects for developing Anevia's technologies and solutions. I would like to thank all of our shareholders and employees, who are now fully committed to driving the success of the new group.”

About ATEME: ATEME is the emerging leader of video delivery infrastructure, servicing the world's largest content and service providers. Listed on Euronext Paris since 2014, ATEME has a history of transforming video delivery, being the first to market with a 10-bit 4:2:2 solution, the first production-ready HEVC & HDR, and recently, the first genuine video delivery NFV software solution designed to lead service providers' transition to video datacenter. To complement its cutting-edge technology, ATEME has partnered with leaders such as Intel, Apple and Microsoft to create best-in-class video delivery solutions. ATEME is a leading member of industry forums and organizations, such as the DVB and SMPTE, actively participated in the ITU in the standardization of HEVC in 2013 and joined the Alliance for Open Media to help develop the AV1 open and royalty-free video codec in June 2014. ATEME is headquartered in Vélizy near Paris, with worldwide support and R&D offices in Rennes, Denver, Sao-Paulo, Singapore and Sydney. With a commercial presence in 24 countries, ATEME counts 319 employees, including some 150 of the world's leading R&D video experts. In 2019 ATEME served close to 400 customers worldwide with revenues of €66.3 million, of which 93% outside its home market.

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