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  Communiqué de la société ARTMARKET.COM du 03/02/2019

  03/02/2019 - 12:10

The video of Artprice headquarters... among the most watched on Facebook with more than 25 million views of the Organe Contemporary Art Museum which manages the Demeure du Chaos/Abode of Chaos

In May and December 2018, Artprice – the world Leader in art market information – and its Headquarters, the Organe Contemporary Art Museum managing the open-to-the-public (ERP) Demeure du Chaos/Abode of Chaos (dixit the New York Times), were contacted by Antoine de Caunes, acclaimed journalist and director, from the pay-TV channel CANAL PLUS, one of France's most prominent TV networks, with a view to shooting an episode of de Caunes' La Gaule d'Antoine for a scheduled first showing in early May 2018. The show's theme is a highly selective discovery of France's 13 regions focusing on their special and not-to-be-missed places.

Via a superb mix of commentary and images, Antoine de Caunes' professionalism and involvement ensured that the resulting video-film accurately seized the spirit of what Artprice represents and what its head office, the Organe Contemporary Art Museum managing the Demeure du Chaos/Abode of Chaos ERP is all about. The site has already been the subject of over 3,600 international press and audiovisual spots and documentaries over the past 20 years.

Within a matter of weeks de Caune's video had became a cult video on Facebook. It now exceeds 25 million views.

 (as per the official confirmation by a bailiff's report established by the Estelle PONS - Sarah MERGUI licensed court bailiff partnership in Lyon )

The bailiff's report concerns 2 URLs that lead to the Facebook video of the Canal+ documentary which belong, on the one hand, to Artprice's Facebook world page which enjoys 3,724million followers and the Organe Contemporary Art Museum managing the Demeure du Chaos/Abode of Chaos ERP's Facebook world page with 3.516 million followers.

These figures prove the extraordinary worldwide success of the episode of La Gaule d'Antoine on the Organe Contemporary Art Museum managing Artprice's Abode of Chaos ERP headquarters.

According to thierry Ehrmann, our international support shows to what extent the Organe Contemporary Art Museum which manages the Abode of Chaos ERP carries a universal artistic message. The fact that it houses Artprice's headquarters is the ideal vector for communicating the image of Artprice as world leader in the Art World, including in China with its loyal partner of 9 years, the Artron Group and its president-founder, Mr Wan Jie, who, with his keen eye for Contemporary Art, had shown high interest in the Abode of Chaos during his October visit for the signing ceremony (which video had garnered 3.6 million views):

Artprice's Facebook world page with 3.41 million followers and the Organe Contemporary Art Museum, managing the Demeure du Chaos/Abode of Chaos ERP, Facebook page with 3.516 million followers reflects an exceptional satisfaction rate on a documentary video seen more than 25 million times with a number of don't likes that is extremely low for the world of B2B and B2C marketing

In fact we have officially counted a satisfaction rate of 99.855% on Artprice's Facebook page and of 99.724% on the Demeure du Chaos/Abode of Chaos's Facebook page. (Official report by court bailiffs Estelle PONS - Sarah MERGUI on 20 August 2018, based on a sample of 10 million views).

The same report also noted that according to Facebook's administrator stats, we were reaching 7.5 million unique persons with our content per week.

 It is also worth mentioning that Artprice and the Demeure du Chaos/Abode of Chaos are at the origin of the famous Facebook / Google Greater Lyon Culture Ranking which is now 8 years old and is currently calculating its 65rd ranking.

The result of our ranking leaves no doubt whatsoever: the Organe Contemporary Art Museum managing the Demeure du Chaos/Abode of Chaos ERP is the most visited Museum of Contemporary Art in the Rhône-Alpes region with 180,000 visitors per year and is the leading establishment in terms of followers, with 3,516,745 and an exceptional logarithmic commitment of 74.

Likewise, if we look at Google ratings of visitors to Art museums, the Organe Contemporary Art Museum managing the Demeure du Chaos/Abode of Chaos ERP arrives #1 in front of 3 institutions with a rating of 4.6. Lyon's Musée des Beaux-Arts is second with a rating of 4.4, and Lyon's Museum of Contemporary Art is third with a rating of 4.1. Rated 4.0, the Institute of Contemporary Art is fourth.

In the non-cultural world, the major global brands, most of which had strong commercial links to the recent World Cup and France's victory, posted much lower scores than our video. See the scores of videos posted by CIC, Easy Voyage, LG France, Carrefour, SFR, Orange France, McDonalds France, APRR Group on:

Acknowledgments to the editorial team of in collaboration with NukeSuite

We take this opportunity to remind investors that at its AGM on 30 June 2017, Artprice made the commitment to become the world's leading Art Market information provider on social networks, when it had 345,000 followers. To achieve this very ambitious goal, Artprice and its entity needed to add at least a million content followers in the period H2 2017 / H1 2018.

We are proud to say that we have largely exceeded this target with follower growth of +980% during the July 2017 / February 2019 period for the Artprice page, growth which places it among the most followed pages in the world with 3,724,393 subscribers at February 02, 2019

A number of major international listed groups who believed they were making an economy by not bothering with the complexities of social networks have suffered fatal delays, generating significant economic damage that could well compromise their positions. Even with a massive financial budget, the accumulated delay cannot be recuperated because of the elaborate architecture of the social networks. Certain groups in the S&P 500 represent good examples of this problem.

Henceforward, social network reach is a paramount and vital parameter for any entity that wishes to protect the company's capital and its future, not to mention, its notoriety and global visibility. This is naturally the case for Artprice, as World Leader in Art Market Information with its Standardised Marketplace,, together with Artron group in China.

For this reason, Artprice concentrated on this line of communication from a very early stage, anticipating long ago the power of social networks in its marketing, its data banks, its IT teams and its sales personnel... pushing outwards every day a little further via multiple social networks to reach millions of qualified new members for its range of paid subscriptions to its databanks.

Next publications of Artprice :

In their next Art Market Report (March 2019), Artprice and their exclusive partner Artron (chaired by thierry Ehrmann and Wan Jie respectively), will offer a detailed analysis of the different facets of the Chinese Art Market and of the growing success of the country's artists.

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