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  Communiqué de la société AERKOMM du 30/08/2023 - AERKOMM Inc. Explores Potential Merger Between Subsidiary AERKOMM Taiwan Inc. and EJECTT Inc.

  30/08/2023 - 16:40

AERKOMM Inc. Explores Potential Merger Between Subsidiary AERKOMM Taiwan Inc. and EJECTT Inc.

JULY 11, 2023

AERKOMM Inc. Explores Potential Merger Between Subsidiary AERKOMM Taiwan Inc. and EJECTT Inc.

AERKOMM Inc.Expands Operations in Taiwan and Unveils World's First. AI-Powered Regenerative, Super-ResilientSatellite Network

AERKOMM Inc., a leading US-based space technology company, is pleased to announce its expansion of operations in Taiwan and ongoing discussions regarding a potential merger between its subsidiary, AERKOMM Taiwan Inc., and EJECTT Inc. (3089.TWO). This strategic move aims to seize opportunities in the growing satellite business sector and reinforce AERKOMM's position in the global satellite market.

AERKOMM Inc. is expanding its presence in Taiwan to capitalize on the development of Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO), and Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellite operations. Following the authorization ofEJECTT Inc. as the exclusive agent for AERKOMM Taiwan Inc. by AERKOMM Inc., the company's Board of Directors further passed a resolution on July 10 to explore the potential merger between AERKOMM Taiwan Inc. and EJECTT Inc. (3089.TWO). 

AERKOMM Taiwan Inc., the only authorized Taiwanese service provider to offer satellite communication services viaNon-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO), successfully passed the Satellite Communication Frequency Application review by the Ministry of Digital Affairs on April 27,2023. Building on this achievement, AERKOMM Taiwan proceeded with the application for satellite fixed communication radio frequency usage.Subsequently, the Taiwan Ministry of Digital Affairs issued an approval letter to AERKOMM Taiwan, confirming its qualification for frequency allocation for satellite fixed communication on July 07, 2023.

AERKOMM Inc. plans to expand its services by incorporating low orbit satellites alongside with existing medium orbit satellites. This move comes as EJECTT Inc. (3089.TWO), a trusted professional system provider that expanded into the solar photovoltaic energy storage field in 2016 and the Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite industry in 2021, coinciding with the advent of the 6G era. The ongoing merger discussions between AERKOMM Taiwan Inc. and EJECTT Inc. (3089.TWO) aim to integrate the technological advantages and global resources of AERKOMM Inc.with the exceptional business expansion capabilities of EJECTT Inc. (3089.TWO) inTaiwan, thus creating superior synergy and accelerating the expansion of Taiwan's satellite business.

Recently, the Taiwan government has been actively promoting network resilience and mobile backhaul, which has become a key business opportunity in the market. In comparison to LEO satellites, MEO satellites can provide data transmission capabilities of up to 10 Gbps per basestation and are the optimal choice due to their longer lifespan, broader communication coverage, and lower satellite density. AERKOMM Inc. is collaborating with SES, the leading global satellite operator, to provideTaiwanese satellite communication services using the bandwidth of the SES MEO satellite O3b mPOWER.

AERKOMM Taiwan Inc. is poised to broaden its business applications within the Taiwanese market. Target markets include government, aero services, maritime services for cruise ships, cargo ships, oil rigs, and deep-sea fishing vessels, land-based services such as automotive IoT, and connectivity internet services for underserved areas.

Having dedicated itself to research and development in the satellite industry, AERKOMM Inc. has led the world with its ground breaking development of the proprietary FGSA (Full-Dominance Glass SemiconductorAntenna) technology in 2023. A key distinguishing feature of FGSA technology is its "One Antenna, Multi-Beam and Multi-Orbit" capability, enabling as ingle antenna to seamlessly communicate with multiple satellites operating on different orbits simultaneously. This technological breakthrough further solidifies AERKOMM's position at the forefront of the industry, showcasing their commitment to innovation and advancement in satellite communication solutions.

Furthermore, AERKOMM Inc. announced plans to expand its operation in Taiwan by constructing the world's first commercial AISuper-Resilient (AiSR) Satellite Network with regenerative abilities. This globally leading, AI regenerative, and self-healing super resilient satellite network, which has peacetime-war transition capabilities, is expected to set the direction for the development of next-generation satellite communication technology.

The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mobile backhaul technology can enhance the performance, efficiency, and optimization of networks using essential key technologies. Machine Learning(ML) enables intelligent predictions and decision-making, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing overall network performance. Intelligent TrafficManagement dynamically allocates network resources, prioritizes traffic types, and plans efficient routes for improved Quality of Service (QoS). Self-HealingNetworks utilize AI algorithms to autonomously reconfigure network links and minimize service interruptions in response to faults or damages. Additionally, AI-based Security and Threat Detection enable the timely identification and response to potential security threats by analyzing network traffic.

Through the smart integration of these technologies, the AI self-healing super resilient network can be realized, enhancing mobile backhaul communication capabilities and network performance, efficiency, and reliability. And, AERKOMM Inc.'s unique FGSA antenna technology, which allows multiple satellites and base stations to communicate data simultaneously, enables the realization of this AI Super-Resilient (AiSR) Satellite Network.

The company actively seeks strategic alliances with key players in the global satellite industry value chain through mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships. With a long-term vision, AERKOMM Inc. aims to become a global leader in the satellite industry within the next decade.


Jessica Hsu

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About Aerkomm Inc.

Aerkomm Inc. (Euronext Paris: AKOM; OTCQX: AKOM), is an innovative space technology communication solutions provider and Licensed Satellite Service Operator. The Company strives to become a multi-orbit LEO/MEO/GEO/HEO space technology provider. From Aerkomm's experience preparing to service the IFEC markets and focusing on delivering Ka/Ku connectivity, the Company has been able to utilize its industry expertise and engineering capabilities to develop a state-of-the-art technology to apply across multiple sectors of satellite communications.

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