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  Communiqué de la société ACCOR ACQUISITION COMPANY S.A. du 22/09/2021

  22/09/2021 - 12:40

AAC - Number of shares and voting rights - 16092021

Regulated information

September 22, 2021

Information relating to the share capital and voting rights

as of September 16, 2021

Accor Acquisition Company (the "Company") announces that on September 16, 2021, it proceeded with the repurchase and cancellation of 1,177,847 Class A preference shares, in accordance with the Company's articles of association.

Following this capital reduction, the share capital of the Company amounts to €373,881.53, divided into 37,388,153 shares representing 37,388,153 theoretical voting rights and 35,090,396 exercisable voting rights[1].

Date Number of shares outstanding Number of potential voting rights Number of exercisable voting rights
09/16/2021 37,388,153 37,388,153 35,090,296

[1] Treasury shares are deprived of voting rights.

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