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  Communiqué de la société QUADPACK du 29/11/2016

  29/11/2016 - 16:30

Quadpack Industries SA expands with capital increase

Quadpack Industries SA has expanded through a merger with Collcap Group. By agreement of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders of Quadpack Industries SA, various resolutions were adopted. Among them were a capital increase amounting to 278,019 euros, with the creation of 278,019 shares with a nominal value of 1 euro each and 7.81825343 euros of share premium, with the same rights as those currently in circulation. 
Therefore, of this total issue with a value of 2,451,642 euros, 278,019 shares have been created; the nominal amount amounts to 278,019 euros and the issue premium amounts to 2,173,623 euros. The value of the increase consisted of the non-monetary contribution of 82,756 shares representing 100% of the share capital of the entity Collcap Prime Ltd (Collcap Group). With this contribution, Quadpack Industries SA, acquires 100% of the entity Collcap Prime Ltd.
Quadpack Industries is now a leading presence in Europe for the manufacture and supply of packaging solutions to the beauty industry. Collcap's office in Leek, Staffordshire, will be the centre of the group's UK operations, while Quadpack's Barcelona office in Spain remains as global headquarters. Collcap founder John McDermott becomes a Quadpack Industries board member.
McDermott said: “Both Collcap and Quadpack are healthy, thriving companies which, together, boast increased market share, resources and purchasing power and, by consequence, competitive edge. Add to that our strengths in market knowledge, product development, creativity and technical expertise, and you have a winning formula.” 
Quadpack Industries CEO Tim Eaves sees the merger as a natural progression for the two companies. “Collcap and Quadpack have had a long-standing relationship of mutual respect. Our values, our mentality, our structure, our processes – they all coincide. We each enjoy a loyal client base. We have a shared vision for the future. We're a hand in glove fit,” he says, predicting a smooth transition as the companies join forces.