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  Communiqué de la société OL GROUPE du 05/06/2019

  05/06/2019 - 18:00


Lyon, 5 June 2019

Mr Jérôme Seydoux informed the Company's Board of Directors today that he wished to resign from the Board for personal reasons and to be replaced by Mr Ardavan Safaee, Managing Director of Pathé Films. The other Board members representing Pathé, i.e. Messrs Thomas Riboud-Seydoux and Eduardo Malone, will retain their seats, and the overall balance of the Board of Directors will thus remain unchanged.

The Company's directors expressed their profound regret with regard to this decision – although they understand it – and thanked Mr Seydoux very warmly for his exceptional contribution to the Board since he was first appointed on 2 October 2006. Board members also welcomed Mr Safaee, whom they are pleased to count among their number.

Mr Seydoux said:

“I am leaving the Board of Directors but not Olympique Lyonnais. I will remain an ardent supporter and vigilant observer. The men's and women's teams and the company headed by its Chairman Jean-Michel Aulas have achieved a fantastic record over these past 20 years.

We must continue to pursue our dreams, with the goal of achieving the objective of all Olympique Lyonnais fans: be one of the best teams in Europe and win titles, as our brilliant women's team has done.”

Mr Jean-Michel Aulas, Chairman and CEO of OL Groupe said:

“We will remain forever indebted to Jérôme Seydoux for everything that he has contributed to OL Groupe. During his tenure on the Board of Directors, the Company, the club and its stadium have all experienced a period of exceptional growth and development. A visionary if ever there was one, Jérôme believed in our new business model from the outset, and rightly so. All of the members of the Board and all of the Group's personnel will miss him greatly.”

Mr Seydoux's replacement is effective as of today, following the appointment of Mr Safaee, Managing Director of Pathé Films, by the Board of Directors.

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