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  Communiqué de la société GROUPE BOGART du 11/02/2019

  11/02/2019 - 08:00


The Bogart Group announces the signing of a distribution contract with the Beauty Alliance GmbH chain, the first alliance of independent perfume retailers in Germany, for the distribution of the Carven, Méthode Jeanne Piaubert and Stendhal brands in that market.

The Bogart Group's extensive experience in distribution, as reflected by the strength of its own-store network (357 own boutiques, 80 of which in Germany), helped it secure a contract with Beauty Alliance GmbH, the primary German distribution network, to expand its product offering to include Bogart Group brands. A roll out plan is scheduled over the year, with Carven, the Group's rising star, to be a primary focus. 

Beauty Alliance GmbH is the first alliance of independent perfume retailers in Germany, capturing 30% market share. It has around 290 brands for nearly 1,100 sales outlets (posting around €900m in 2017 revenues through these beauty alliance partners).

An exclusive launch for Carven, distributed in more than 4,000 sales outlets worldwide

Today, the Carven brand is mainly distributed via a network of selective perfume retailers and department stores, primarily in Europe and in the United States, but also more recently in the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia and in Asia.

With this new exclusive distribution partnership for the brand, Carven opens the doors to a network of 1,100 additional sales outlets in Germany (the first 500 as of Q1 2019).

The Bogart Group is increasing its brand reach by over 30%, jumping from 3,000 sales outlets in over 38 countries to 4,000 worldwide, offering Carven a greater international visibility.

The Group also has a plan to progressively roll out its cosmetics brands throughout the network, with the launch of the Méthode Jeanne Piaubert (from March 2019) and Stendhal (from H2 2019) brands over 200 sales outlets each.

Through this important partnership, the Bogart Group once again demonstrates the success of its vertical strategy, with its dual positioning as manufacturer-distributor, allowing it to capitalise on its product and retail industry knowledge to gain significant market share. The Group is also strengthening its position in Western Europe, after having covered several regions internationally.

David Konckier, Bogart Group Chairman, and Nicolas Dewitte, Managing Director, made the following comments: “Our savoir-faire in the design and manufacture of exclusive perfumes, coupled with an understanding of the challenges retailers face, enables us to strengthen our ties with exclusive European retailers. We are very proud of this partnership with Beauty Alliance, which confirms the solid nature of our business model. The Carven brand continues to grow globally and we are very confident about the success of its perfumes in Germany. The latest launch, Dans Ma Bulle, has become a benchmark fragrance for the brand. With the growth of the distribution network, Carven now holds all of the cards to ramp up its expansion and become a linchpin brand for the Group.”

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About BOGART Group

BOGART Group specializes in the creation, manufacture and commercialization of luxury fragrances and cosmetics. With a unique market positioning as a manufacturer-distributor, the Group markets its products in more than 90 countries, and holds a network of 357 own stores in 5 countries (France, Israël, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg).

BOGART Group is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange (Ticker: JBOG – ISIN: FR0012872141)

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