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  Communiqué de la société BOIRON du 11/03/2020

  11/03/2020 - 15:00

Boiron Laboratories announce a reorganisation project

Laboratoires Boiron, a French company and world leader in homeopathic medicines, today announced a major reorganization project in France.

For the past two years, the virulent, unjustified and repeated attacks against homeopathy in France have weighed heavily on our company, which has seen its activity and economic results decline sharply.

While our production is 100% French and we generate 56% of our sales in France, the brutal decision of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health to delist homeopathic medicines as of January 1, 2021, constitutes a real breakthrough that has led our company to announce the following reorganization project:

  • The closure of the Montrichard production site near Tours,
  • The closure of 12 preparation-distribution establishments out of the 27 we have in France: Avignon, Belfort, Brest, Grenoble, Limoges, Niort, Paris-Bois d'Arcy, Paris-Ivry, Pau, Rouen, Strasbourg and Toulon,
  • The resizing of the production and preparation-distribution teams on the retained sites,
  • The reorganisation of the sales teams.

This plan would result in the elimination of 646 positions and the creation of 134 positions.

We will do our utmost to limit the social impact of this reorganization project while respecting our social heritage.

This planned organisation should make it possible to preserve our quality of service to healthcare professionals and patients.


Christine Place, Deputy Managing Director in charge of Human Resources :

« We are going to do everything we can to support each employee in his or her career path. We will put all our energy into alleviating, as far as possible, the individual difficulties of our employees. We will work with the trade unions on two fronts: firstly, to find the most appropriate support measures to enable each employee to find a job in his or her region, since geographical mobility is not always possible; secondly, to support the many employees at the end of their careers so that they can make the most of their human and professional qualities. It will therefore be necessary to think outside the box to think differently and allow everyone to be supported and assisted in the best possible way. »

Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot, CEO of Laboratoires Boiron :

« We have always been particularly attentive to the respect of each of our employees. It is therefore with great bitterness that we must today present an unprecedented reorganization project. In a context of sharply declining business activity in France, we must react without delay and take decisions, which are certainly very difficult, but which will be able to ensure the long-term survival of our company. »


Our medicines are fully in line with the need expressed by millions of patients around the world for a more humane, respectful and sustainable medicine. As stated by the World Health Organization, « it is important that Member States consider how to further integrate traditional and complementary medicine into their health systems and universal health coverage plans1. »

For these reasons, for the 72 % of French people and for the 50 % of health professionals who are convinced of the benefits of homeopathy2, we will pursue with determination all the steps and actions to obtain continued reimbursement of homeopathic medicines.


Laboratoires BOIRON

Person responsible for financial information: Valérie Lorentz-Poinsot
Contact for financial information: Fabrice Rey
Investor relations: +33 (0) - e-mail :
ISIN Code: FR0000061129 (BOI) - Bloomberg: BOI FP - Reuters: BOIR.PA
The group's financial information is online at:


1 WHO Global Strategy for Traditional Medicine 2014-2023, p. 49
2 Odoxa, Health Barometer 360 (2019)

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