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My current subscriptions:

  Name Market type ISIN code
ITS GROUP Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000073843

List of companies in the industry: Consumer goods

  Name Market type ISIN code
A.S.T. GROUPE Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000076887
ABEO Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0013185857
AGROGENERATION Euronext Growth Paris FR0010641449
AKWEL (ex MGI COUTIER) Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000053027
ARCHOS Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000182479
BACCARAT Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000064123
BARBARA BUI Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000062788
BASSAC (EX LES NOUVEAUX CONSTRUCTEURS) Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0004023208
BRAS.OUEST AFRIC. Euronext Paris - Compartiment C SN0008626971
BRASSERIE CAMEROUN Euronext Paris - Compartiment B CM0000035113
COCA-COLA EUROPEAN Euronext Amsterdam - Compartiment A GB00BDCPN049
CONCEPT ET TRADITION Euronext Access Paris FR0011374479
CYBERGUN Euronext Growth Paris FR0013505583
DELTA PLUS GROUP Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0013283108
DEVERNOIS Euronext Growth Paris FR0000060840
DONTNOD ENTERTAINMENT Euronext Growth Paris FR0013331212
EDILIZIACROBATICA Euronext Growth Paris IT0005351504
EON MOTORS GROUP Euronext Access Paris FR0011612837
FASHION BEL AIR Euronext Growth Paris FR0004034593
GROUPE BOGART Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0012872141
HEXAOM (ex MFC) Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0004159473
INFINIE PASSION Société non cotée -
LA PERLA FASHION HOLDING N.V. Euronext Growth Paris NL0012191662
LES MAISONS D'AUJOURD'HUI Euronext Access Paris FR0010515742
MASTRAD Euronext Growth Paris FR0004155687
MG INTERNATIONAL Euronext Growth Paris FR0010204453
MILIBOO Euronext Growth Paris FR0013053535
MILLET INNOVATION Euronext Growth Paris FR0010304402
NATUREX Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000054694
PHARMASIMPLE Euronext Growth Paris BE0974302342
ROCHE BOBOIS Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0013344173
SCHAEFFER DUFOUR Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000064511
SIMO INTERNATIONAL Euronext Access Paris FR0004038818
SIPH Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000036857
TROIS CHENES Euronext Access Paris FR0000076481
U10 CORP Euronext Growth Paris FR0000079147
ULRIC DE VARENS Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000079980
UNITI Euronext Growth Paris FR0012709160

List of companies in the industry: Industrials

  Name Market type ISIN code
ACTUS Société non cotée -
ADEUNIS Euronext Growth Paris FR0013284627
AGTA RECORD Euronext Paris (hors zone Euro) CH0008853209
AKKA TECHNOLOGIES Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0004180537
ALPHA MOS Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000062804
ARCURE Euronext Growth Paris FR0013398997
AUGROS COSMETIC PACKAGING Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000061780
BIO UV Euronext Growth Paris FR0013345493
BOOSTHEAT Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0011814938
BORDERLINX Société non cotée -
COFIDUR Euronext Growth Paris FR0013257409
COREP LIGHTING Euronext Access Paris FR0010035816
DBT Euronext Growth Paris FR0013066750
DICKSON Directive Transparence 999999999999
DOCKS PETROLES D'AMBES Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000065260
DRONE VOLT Euronext Growth Paris FR0013088606
ECA Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0010099515
ECODROP Société non cotée -
EKINOPS Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0011466069
EURASIA GROUPE Euronext Growth Paris FR0010844001
EUROPLASMA Euronext Growth Paris FR0000044810
FETCHR Société non cotée -
FIGEAC AERO Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0011665280
FOUNTAINE PAJOT Euronext Growth Paris FR0010485268 Euronext Growth Paris FR0004187367
GASCOGNE Euronext Growth Paris FR0000124414
GAUSSIN Euronext Growth Paris FR0010342329
GEA Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000053035
GECI INTERNATIONAL Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000079634
GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY Euronext Paris - Compartiment A US3696041033
GROUPE GORGE Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000062671
GROUPE RIVALIS Euronext Access Paris FR0010766642
GROUPE SAMSE Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000060071
HERIGE Euronext Growth Paris FR0000066540
INNOVEOX Euronext Growth Paris FR0011066885
LA POSTE Société Anonyme 999999999999
LAGARDERE_ACTIVE Directive Transparence -
LATECOERE Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000032278
LUCIBEL Euronext Growth Paris FR0011884378
M2I Euronext Growth Paris FR0013270626
MECELEC Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000061244
METALLIANCE Euronext Access Paris FR0010492181
MICROWAVE VISION Euronext Growth Paris FR0004058949
MILKY Société non cotée -
MND Euronext Growth Paris FR0011584549
OCEASOFT Euronext Growth Paris FR0012407096
OCTOPUS ROBOTS Euronext Access Paris FR0013310281
OENEO Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000052680
Paragon ID Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0013318813
PIZZORNO Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0010214064
POUJOULAT SA Euronext Growth Paris FR0000066441
PRODWAYS Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0012613610
QUADPACK Euronext Growth Paris ES0105118006
RENEWI Euronext Amsterdam - Compartiment B GB0007995243
SCEMI GROUPE Euronext Access Paris FR0010972091
SES-IMAGOTAG Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0010282822
SIMAT Euronext Access Paris CI0000000832
SODITECH Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000078321
TESSI Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0004529147
THERMADOR GROUPE Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0013333432
TRILOGIQ Euronext Growth Paris FR0010397901
TXCOM Euronext Growth Paris FR0010654087
UMALIS GROUP Euronext Access Paris FR0011776889
VALONEO Euronext Access Paris FR0012833770

List of companies in the industry: Basic materials

  Name Market type ISIN code
ANTALIS (ex ANTALIS INTERNATIONAL) Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0013258589
AUPLATA MINING GROUP Euronext Growth Paris FR0013410370
FERMENTALG Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0011271600
GOLDBYGOLD Euronext Growth Paris FR0011208693
GROUPE PLASTIVALOIRE Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000051377
KOKUSAI PULP&PAPER CO., LTD Tokyo Stock Exchange - 1st Section JP3293350009
METABOLIC EXPLORER Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0004177046
ROBERTET Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000039091
SEQUANA Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0011352590
ZCCM Euronext Access Paris ZM0000000037

List of companies in the industry: Oil & gas

  Name Market type ISIN code
AGRIPOWER Euronext Growth Paris FR0013452281
DIETSWELL Euronext Growth Paris FR0010377127
ELECTRO POWER Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0012650166
ENERTIME Euronext Growth Paris FR0011915339
PETROIVOIRE Euronext Access Paris CI0000001020

List of companies in the industry: Health care

  Name Market type ISIN code
360&1 Société non cotée -
ALZPROTECT Société non cotée -
AUDIKA Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000063752
BASTIDE Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000035370
BLUE SHARK POWER Euronext Access Paris FR0013340973
BLUELINEA Euronext Growth Paris FR0011041011
BOIRON Euronext Paris - Compartiment A FR0000061129
DMS Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0012202497
ESPERITE Euronext Growth Amsterdam NL0009272137
GENOWAY Euronext Growth Paris FR0004053510
INNATE PHARMA Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0010331421
MEDICREA Euronext Growth Paris FR0004178572
MEDTECH Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0010892950
NEOVACS Euronext Growth Paris FR0004032746
QUANTUM GENOMICS Euronext Growth Paris FR0011648971
THERANEXUS Euronext Growth Paris FR0013286259
VISIOMED GROUP Euronext Growth Paris FR0013481835

List of companies in the industry: Consumer services

  Name Market type ISIN code
ACTUSNEWS Société non cotée -
AD4SCREEN GROUP Société non cotée -
ARTHUR MAURY Euronext Access Paris FR0013268067
ARTPRICE Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000074783
BEAUTE PRIVEE Société non cotée -
CAFOM Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0010151589
CAMPINGS.COM Société non cotée -
CARTRIDGE WORLD Société non cotée -
CCA INTERNATIONAL Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000078339
COYOTE SYSTEM Directive Transparence 999999999999
DNXCORP (ex DREAMNEX) Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0010436584
FIDUCIAL OFFICE SOLUTIONS Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000061418
FINANCIERE MARJOS Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000060824
GOUR MEDICAL Euronext Access Paris FR0013371507
GRAINES VOLTZ Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000065971
GROUPE CIOA Euronext Access Paris FR0012384907
GROUPE LDLC Euronext Growth Paris FR0000075442
GROUPE PAROT Euronext Growth Paris FR0013204070
KOOLICAR Société non cotée -
KUMULUS VAPE Euronext Access Paris FR0013419876
LAGARDERE ACTIVE BROADCAST Euronext Paris - Compartiment B MC0000120790
MADVERTISE Euronext Growth Paris FR0010812230
MEDIA 6 Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000064404
MOTOBLOUZ.COM Société non cotée -
NETBOOSTER Euronext Growth Paris FR0000079683
NEWS INVEST Euronext Access Paris FR0010358507
NEXTEDIA Euronext Growth Paris FR0004171346
OL GROUPE Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0010428771
PASSAT Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000038465
PHOTOBOX Société non cotée -
PRISMAFLEX INTERNATIONAL Euronext Growth Paris FR0004044600
QWAMPLIFY Euronext Growth Paris FR0010889386
RATP Société EPIC 999999999999
SEIF S.p.A Euronext Growth Paris IT0005353484
SOCIETE FRANCAISE DE CASINOS (SFC) Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0010209809
TELEVERBIER Euronext Paris (hors zone Euro) CH0008175645
The Originals, Human Hotels and Resorts (ex SEH) Société non cotée -
TOUTABO Euronext Access Paris FR0010621722
VENTE-UNIQUE.COM Euronext Growth Paris FR0010766667
VIALIFE Euronext Growth Paris FR0010326090
VICTORIA ANGKOR Société non cotée -
VIRGIL Société non cotée -
WE.CONNECT (ex Techniline) Euronext Growth Paris FR0013079092

List of companies in the industry: Utilities

  Name Market type ISIN code
COMPAGNIE DES EAUX DE ROYAN Euronext Access Paris FR0007200100
DIRECT ENERGIE Société non cotée -
FUTUREN Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0011284991
GLOBAL ECOPOWER Euronext Growth Paris FR0011289198
METHANOR Euronext Growth Paris FR0011217710

List of companies in the industry: Financials

  Name Market type ISIN code
ALTAMIR Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000053837
ALTO INVEST Société non cotée -
ALTUR INVESTISSEMENT (ex TURENNE INVESTISSEMENT) Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0010395681
AMBOISE Directive Transparence 999999999999
AMUNDI FINANCE EMISSIONS Directive Transparence 999999999999
AMUNDI ISSUANCE Directive Transparence 999999999999
ANDROMEDE Société non cotée -
APSYS Directive Transparence 999999999999
AURIGA_PARTNERS Société non cotée -
BATIPART Société non cotée -
BRED BANQUE POPULAIRE Directive Transparence 999999999999
CAPELLI Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0012969095
CASPAR Directive Transparence 999999999999
CBO TERRITORIA Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0010193979
CFI Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000037475
CFOA Euronext Paris - Compartiment C SN0000033192
CIF EUROMORTGAGE Directive Transparence 999999999999
COMPAGNIE DE FINANCEMENT FONCIER Directive Transparence 999999999999
CREDIT MUTUEL ARKEA Directive Transparence 999999999999
CROSSWOOD Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000050395
dnA s.a. Directive Transparence 999999999999
EURASIA FONCIERE INVESTISSEMENTS - EFI (ex MB RETAIL) Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000061475
EUROLAND CORPORATE Euronext Access Paris FR0010157115
Evergreen SAS Directive Transparence 999999999999
FIDUCIAL REAL ESTATE Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000060535
FONCIERE VOLTA Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000053944
FONCIERE-VINDI Euronext Access Paris FR0011605617
HOLGAT HOLAA Directive Transparence FR0013016516
HOLGAT HOLAB Directive Transparence FR0013016524
IDSUD Euronext Growth Paris FR0000062184
INDIGO GROUP (ex GROUPE INFRA PARK) Directive Transparence 999999999999
ITS PARTICIPATIONS Directive Transparence 999999999999
JML Finance (Luxembourg) Sàrl Euronext Growth Paris XS2042981576
Jolt Capital Directive Transparence 999999999999
KALSTONE Société non cotée -
KBC IFIMA S.A. Directive Transparence -
KRIEF GROUP Euronext Access Paris FR0004152700
LCL EMISSIONS SA Directive Transparence 999999999999
LES AGENCES DE PAPA Société non cotée -
LOUIS CAPITAL MARKETS Société non cotée -
MEDIAWAN Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0013128881
MONFINANCIER Euronext Access Paris FR0010882886
PAREF Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0010263202
PIXEL HOLDING Directive Transparence 999999999999
PREXEM Société non cotée -
PURE INVEST Société non cotée -
RAPIDOPRET Euronext Access Paris FR0012395457
REALITES Euronext Growth Paris FR0011858190
ROS PARTICICPATIONS Société non cotée -
SAINT JEAN GROUPE (ex SABETON) Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000060121
SCBSM Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0006239109
SELECTIRENTE Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0004175842
TERREIS Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0010407049
THE PROOF OF TRUST LIMITED Société non cotée -
TOUR EIFFEL Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000036816
UNION FIN.FRANCE Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0000034548
VATEL CAPITAL Société non cotée -
VERNEUIL FINANCE Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000062465
VMG Directive Transparence 999999999999

List of companies in the industry: Technology

  Name Market type ISIN code
AB TASTY Société non cotée -
AIRSHIP Société non cotée -
ATEME Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0011992700
AUBAY Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000063737
AURES TECHNOLOGIES Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0013183589
AVENIR TELECOM Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000066052
AWOX Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0011800218
CAST Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000072894
CIBOX Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000054322
COHERIS Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0004031763
COMMEON Société non cotée -
COMPUFIRST Société non cotée -
CONNIT Société non cotée -
DALET Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0011026749
DEDALUS Directive Transparence 999999999999
ECONOCOM Euronext Brussels - Compartiment B BE0974266950
ENENSYS TECHNOLOGIES Euronext Growth Paris FR0013330792
EVERGREEN (ex-Digigram) Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000035784
FANPLAYR Société non cotée -
HABITEO Société non cotée -
HARVEST Euronext Growth Paris FR0010207795
HORIZONTAL SOFTWARE Euronext Growth Paris FR0013219367
INVIBES ADVERTISING Euronext Growth Paris BE0974299316
IRAISER Société non cotée -
KALRAY Euronext Growth Paris FR0010722819
KEYRUS Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0004029411
LOGIC INSTRUMENT Euronext Growth Paris FR0000044943
METRON Société non cotée -
MICROPOLE Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000077570
MUNIC Euronext Growth Paris FR0013462231
O2i Euronext Growth Paris FR0010231860
OCTO TECHNOLOGY Euronext Growth Paris FR0004157428
ONEPARK Société non cotée -
OSMOZIS Euronext Growth Paris FR0013231180
PERFECTSTAY Société non cotée -
PREDILIFE Euronext Growth Paris FR0010169920
REALYTICS Société non cotée -
REWORLD MEDIA Euronext Growth Paris FR0010820274
SBT Euronext Access Paris FR0004175222
SECURINFOR Euronext Access Paris FR0000071755
SQLI Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0011289040
STREAMWIDE Euronext Growth Paris FR0010528059
SYNC Société non cotée -
TRAQUEUR Euronext Growth Paris FR0004043487
TRONICS Euronext Growth Paris FR0004175099
UMANIS Euronext Growth Paris FR0013263878
VISIATIV Euronext Growth Paris FR0004029478
WALLIX Euronext Growth Paris FR0010131409
WAVESTONE Euronext Paris - Compartiment B FR0013357621
WEACCESS GROUP (ex INFOSAT TELECOM) Euronext Access+ Paris FR0010688465
WEDIA Euronext Growth Paris FR0010688440
WITBE Euronext Growth Paris FR0013143872

List of companies in the industry: Telecommunications

  Name Market type ISIN code
AERKOMM Euronext Paris - Compartiment C US00774B2088
AFONE PARTICIPATIONS Euronext Paris - Compartiment C FR0000044612
KEYYO Euronext Growth Paris FR0000185621
WIZWAY Société non cotée -
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