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  SEIF S.p.A company press release from 30/09/2022

  30/09/2022 - 20:10

The Board of Directors approves the Half Year Financial Report at June 30, 2022


The Board of Directors approves the Half Year Financial Report at June 30, 2022

  • Value of production of Euro 17,408 thousand (Euro 20.222 thousand at June 30, 2021)
  • EBITDA of Euro 566 thousand (Euro 3,450 thousand at June 30, 2021)
  • EBIT amounting to Euro 2,437 thousand (Euro 862 thousand at June 30, 2021)
  • Net result of Euro 1,900 thousand (Euro 504 thousand at June 30, 2021)
  • Negative net financial position (cash) equal to Euro 566 thousand (negative – cash – equal to Euro 1,672 thousand at December 31, 2021)
  • Shareholders' equity of Euro 2,712 thousand (Euro 4,586 thousand at December 31, 2021)

Rome, 30 September 2022 - The Board of Directors of SEIF S.p.A. (the "Company" or "SEIF") media content provider and publisher of several editorial and multimedia products, a company whose shares are traded on Euronext Growth Milan, a multilateral trading facility organised and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and Euronext Growth Paris, announces that, today, the Board of Directors approved the half year financial report for the first half of 2022, ended June 30, 2022, drafted according to the Euronext Growth Milan Issuers' Regulations, in accordance with National Accounting Standards and subject to voluntary limited audit.

Cinzia Monteverdi, President e CEO of SEIF, stated: “The year we are currently experiencing has been marked by turbulent geopolitical tensions exacerbated by the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, elements that have contributed to generate a very complex macroeconomic scenario. The difficult economic situation, worsened by the general increase in inflation, has adversely affected demand in the sector in which we operate. Furthermore, rising energy and raw material costs have additionally affected our printing expenses and margins. The moment we are facing is among the most challenging since SEIF's establishment, and we remain focused on the careful management of the Company and committed to building its future. The new strategic lines chart the path for recovery as early as the three-year period of the new business plan 2023-2025 and are represented by new "School" project to be launched in the fall, digital transition and consequent optimization of the distribution plan at newsstands. These will be some of the cornerstones on which the new business plan that will be approved at the end of October will rest. We are confident of our potential, and the new business plan guidelines aim to convert this potential into tangible economic results as early as 2023”.

Financial highlights:

(Euro thousand)  
  30.06.2022 % production value 30.06.2021 % production value
Production value 17,408 100.00% 20,222 100.00%
EBITDA(*) 566 3.25% 3,450 17.06%
EBIT(**) (2,437) (14.00%) 862 4.26%
EBT(***) (2,459) (14.12%) 843 4.17%
Net result (1,900) (10.92%) 504 2.49%

(*) EBITDA is defined as: net income for the year, adjusted for the following components: (i) income taxes for the year, (ii) financial components, and (iii) depreciation and amortization of tangible and intangible assets, write-downs, and other provisions.

(**) EBIT is defined as: result for the year, adjusted for the following components: (i) income taxes for the year, (ii) financial components.

(***) EBT is defined as: result for the year, adjusted for the following components: (i) income tax for the year.

In the first six months of 2022, the value of production stood at Euro 17,408 thousand compared to Euro 20,222 thousand in the same period of 2021; EBITDA stood at Euro 566 thousand compared to Euro 3,450 thousand, representing a margin of 3.2% of the value of production in the first half of 2022, compared to 17% in the same period of 2021; EBIT stood at Euro 2,437 thousand compared to Euro 862, or -14% and 4.2% of the value of production, respectively.

Income statement:

 (Euro thousand) Financial year
30.06.2022 % revenues of production value 30.06.2021 % revenues of production value
Production value        
1) revenues from sales and services 14,075 80.85% 16,980 83.97%
2) variations of inventory of raw and auxiliary materials, consumables and supplies 64 0.37% -44 -0.22%
4) increases in fixed assets for internal works 3,111 17.87% 3,161 15.63%
5) other revenues 157 0.90% 124 0.61%
Total (A) 17,408 100% 20,222 100%

The table shows a decrease in revenues from sales and services of Euro 2,905 thousand, or about 17%, and in Value of Production of Euro 2,814 thousand, or 13.92%. The decrease in Value of Production is mainly influenced by the lower volume of sales and service revenues reported in the first half of the year. Increases in internal fixed assets mainly refer to internal costs for the creation of original video content for which the Company retains ownership of all economic exploitation rights and development costs inherent in investments intended for digital and technological transition as well as the new business unit development project in the training sector.

A.1 Revenues from sales and services Value at 30.06.2022 % on revenues Value at 30.06.2021 % on revenues variat. Var. %
Publishing sector 10,872 77.24% 12,744 75.05% -1,872 -14.69%
Media content sector 1,375 9.77% 2,009 11.83% -635 -31.59%
Advertising sector 1,828 12.99% 2,227 13.11% -399 -17.90%
Total 14,075 100.00% 16,980 100.00% -2,906 -17.11%

Overall, publishing revenues in the first half of the year under review decreased by more than 14% compared to those in the first half of 2021 as a result of a reduction in the average number of copies sold at newsstands both for the daily newspaper and, consequently, for the collateral products composed of the Paper First series and the monthly FQ Millennium; media content revenues showed an overall decrease of about 31% compared to the first half of 2021 mainly due to the postponement of exploitation requests from TV broadcasters as a result of reduced advertising investments; advertising revenues, amounting to Euro 1.828 thousand, decreased by nearly 18% as a result of the negative impact on advertising investments of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Net Financial Position 30.06.2022 31.12.2021
Current Financial Receivables    
Liquidity - cash and cash equivalent (2,453,440) (3,863,126)
Short term financial debt    
Short-term financial debt 616,397 610,109
Net current financial debt (1,837,043) (3,253,017)
Non current financial debt    
Non current financial debt 1,271,367 1,581,146
Net financial position - NFP (565,676) (1,671,871)
Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) 35 45
Average payment days (DPO) 72 69

Current Net Financial Position, Euro (1,837) thousand, is composed of cash and cash equivalents net of the "within year" portion of the Unicredit loan. The Unicredit loan of original Euro 2,500,000 thousand, taken out in June 2020 and intended for investment, with repayment in 48 months plus 12 months of preamortization, is being regularly amortized and the total outstanding principal amount is Euro 1,888 thousand. The loan has a floating rate, and the Company has hedged the interest rate risk by entering into an interest rate cap derivative. Under no circumstances will the instrument generate any further price changes for the Company until the loan is repaid. 

The investment program is ongoing as per the Company's plans.

Below is an analysis of cash flows for the first half of 2022, compared with those for the same period in the previous year.

Cash flows:

Cash flows    
(Euro thousand)  
30.06.2022 30.06.2021
Loss (profit) for the year before income taxes, interest, dividends -2,437 862
Adjustments for non-monetary items 3,466 2,991
Changes in net working capital 1,532 1,833
Other changes -299 -661
Cash flow from operations (A) 2,262 5,025
Cash flow from investing activities (B) -3,366 -3,879
Cash flow from financing activities (C) -305 23
Increase (decrease) of cash and cash equivalents (A ± B ± C) -1,408 1,169
Cash and cash equivalent at the beginning of the financial year 3,112 3,264
Cash and cash equivalent at the end of the financial year 1,704 4,433
Changes on cash and cash equivalent -1,408 1,169

Key consolidated balance sheet and financial results as of June 30, 2022:

The following is information regarding key balance sheet indicators as of June 30, 2022, compared with December 31, 2021.

Financial Balance Sheet            
Uses     30.06.2022 31.12.2021 Sources   30.06.2022 31.12.2021
Intangibles fixed assets   9,363,665 8,923,166  Share capital 2,501,000 2,501,000
Tangible fixed assets   149,673 169,888  Reserves   3,097,944 3,072,684
Fixed financial assets   1,604,410 969,405 Profit (loss) carried forward (987,264) (1,156,051)
          Profit (loss) for the year (1,900,155) 168,787
  Fixed asset 11,117,748 10,062,459 Shareholders' equity 2,711,525 4,586,420
Cash on hand and in banks   178,528 93,823 Consolidated liabilities 4,987,591 4,998,800
Deferred cash   5,103,421 6,552,775        
Immediate cash   1,704,375 3,111,950 Current liabilities 10,404,956 10,235,787
  Current liabilities 6,986,324 9,758,548 Liabilities   15,392,547 15,234,587
  Invested Capital   18,104,072 19,821,007 Financing capital   18,104,072 19,821,007


  30.06.2022 31.12.2021
Intangibles fixed assets 9,364 8,923
Tangible fixed assets 150 170
Fixed financial assets 855 841
Fixed asset 10.369 9.934
Inventory 179 94
Trade receivables 2.917 4.251
Trade payables -4.528 -3.942
Net operating working capital -1,432 402
Other current assets 2,187 1,679
Other current liabilities -5.261 -5.683
Net working capital -4,507 -3,602
Provisions for risks -664 -687
Employee severance indemnity -3,052 -2,731
Net capital Invested 2,146 2,915
Shareholder's equity 2,712 4,586
Cash at bank and in hand -1,704 -3,112
Securities and other financial receivables (adjusted) - 749 - 751
Payables to banks 1,888  2,191
Other financial payables - -
Net financial position -566 -1,672
Shareholders' equity-net financial position 2,146 2,915

Shareholders' Equity decreased by Euro 1,875 thousand, mainly due to the loss recorded in the first half of 2022. Shareholders' Equity Reserves amounted to Euro 3,098 thousand and consisted of the Extraordinary Reserve of Euro 3,695 thousand, the Legal Reserve of Euro 500 thousand, the Negative Reserve for treasury stock in portfolio of Euro 1,138 thousand, and the Reserve for expected cash flow hedging transactions of Euro 32 thousand.

Gross investments in intangible assets amounted to euro 3,370 thousand essentially due to the production of TV content and investments in technological innovation.

In addition, the Company made gross investments in tangible assets amounting to euro 17 thousand.

Amortization for the year pertaining to intangible assets amounted to euro 2,889 thousand while depreciation of tangible assets amounted to euro 37 thousand. 

With regard to financial fixed assets, the statement of Invested Capital shows an adjusted amount of the outstanding amounts of asset management with regard to the funds managed by Banca Fideuram (equal to Euro 750 thousand and free from encumbrances), which can be liquidated at the Company's request, and are therefore included in the item "Other Securities and Financial Receivables (adjusted).

Significant events in the six months ended June 30, 2022

All of SEIF's revenue lines, since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, have experienced a decrease due essentially to the multiple factors inherent in the impact on the economy of the conflict itself, which have affected almost all productive sectors as well as the propensity and, more realistically, the spending capacity of end consumers. In parallel, industrial costs increased related to higher paper prices. The combination of these factors negatively affected the result for the first half of 2022.

The crisis resulting from the war conflict, has surprisingly accelerated the general trends in the publishing market, registering a considerable increase in paper costs which, moreover, will have further growth in printing costs in anticipation as a result of the rising energy prices

The Company has kept the structure fully operational, continuing in the use of the smart working tool to an extent agreed with the workers, without using social shock absorbers, such as the redundancy fund.

Significant events occurred after June 30, 2022

The Company, in the months following June 30, 2022, recorded growth in some indicators such as the number of subscriptions, newsstand sales, and witnessed a slight recovery in the advertising market. Production and commercial activities continued smoothly, allowing the maintenance of market positioning and all technological infrastructure development activities as well as the strengthening of the organization and technical structure necessary to continue the development of new projects.

Business Outlook

The global macroeconomic scenario and industrial cost trends do not allow the Company to make predictions about the end of the complex national and international economic backgrounds. However, the Company is taking all possible actions to keep business volumes in line with its positioning and market share currently covered, while maintaining the resulting production programs. For this reason, the Board of Directors believes it is essential to aim quickly at the new business plan to protect the Company and the potential value to be expressed, with the hope that 2023 will see the expected recovery.

Additional information

In addition to the financial information referred to in the preceding points, the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement are hereby attached.

Altre informazioni

The Half-Year Financial Report as of June 30, 2022 is available to the public at the company's registered office and on the website, in the investor relations/corporate documents section. The report of the independent auditors KPMG S.p.A. will be made available to the public as soon as it is released.


SOCIETA? EDITORIALE IL FATTO S.P.A. (SEIF) is an independent media company, founded in Rome in 2009 and led by Cinzia Monteverdi, President and CEO. The company publishes several editorial and multimedia products, including Il Fatto Quotidiano, founded by Antonio Padellaro and edited by Marco Travaglio, the news website and the monthly magazine FQ Millennium, edited by Peter Gomez, and the publishing house Paper First, edited by Marco Lillo. SEIF has recently embarked on a process of diversification to become more and more of an all-round media content provider, launching a strategy to develop its products in a digital and data-driven key and to produce TV with the LOFT business unit.

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SEIF - Investor relations
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Cinzia Monteverdi (CEO)
Luigi Calicchia (CFO)

The Ordinary Balance Sheet, Ordinary Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement of the Company are hereby attached.

  1. Ordinary Balance Sheet
  30/06/2022 31/12/2021
B) Fixed assets    
I – Intangible fixed assets - -
1) start-up and capital costs 474,353 563,425
4) concessions, licenses, trademarks and similar rights 35,778 61,607
6) assets under construction and payments on account 1,218,969 223,662
7) other 7,634,565 8,074,472
Total intangible fixed assets 9,363,665 8,923,166
II – Tangible fixed assets - -
4) other assets 149,673 169,888
Total tangible fixed assets 149,673 169,888
III – Financial fixed assets    
2) receivables    
d-bis) other receivables 1,562,291 961,902
due within the next year 1,346,155 751,266
due after the next year 216,136 210,636
Total receivables 1,562,291 961,902
4) active derivative financial instruments 42,119 7,503
Total financial fixed assets 1,604,410 969,405
Total fixed assets (B) 11,117,748 10,062,459
C) Current asset    
I - Inventories    
1) raw, subsidiary and consumable materials 22,094 1,797
4) finished products and goods 156,434 92,026
Total inventories 178,528 93,823
II - Receivables    
1) trade receivables 2,916,699 4,250,922
due within the next year 2,916,699 4,250,922
5-bis) tax receivables 254,730 405,667
due within the next one year 254,730 405,667
5-ter) pre-paid taxes 1,208,232 649,803
5-quater) from third parties 372,262 416,813
due within the next one year 372,262 416,813
Total receivables 4,751,923 5,723,205
III – Financial assets not of a fixed nature    
6) other assets 0 622,659
Total financial assets not of a fixed nature 0 622,659
IV – Cash and cash equivalents    
1) bank and postal deposit 1,702,164 3,111,004
3) cash at bank and in hand 2,211 946
Total cash and cash equivalents 1,704,375 3,111,950
Total current assets (C) 6,634,826 9,551,637
D) Accrual and deferred income 351,498 206,911
Total assets 18,104,072 19,821,007
A) Shareholders' equity    
I – Share capital 2,501,000 2,501,000
II – Share premium reserve 8,700 8,700
IV – Legal reserve 500,000 500,000
VI – Other reserves, indicated separately    
Extraordinary reserve 3,694,856 3,694,856
Total other reserve 3,694,856 3,694,856
VII – Reserve for hedging operations of expected cash flows 32,011 5,702
VIII – Profit (loss) carried forward (987,264) (1,156,051)
IX - Profit (loss) of the year (1,900,155) 168,787
X – Negative reserve for purchase of own shares (1,137,623) (1,136,574)
Total shareholders' equity 2,711,525 4,586,420
B) Provisions for risks and charges    
2) tax provisions, including deferred tax liabilities 10,109 1,801
4) other 654,140 685,289
Total for risk and charges 664,249 687,090
C) Employee severance indemnity 3,051,975 2,730,564
D) Payables    
4) bank financing 1,887,764 2,191,255
due within the next year 616,397 610,109
due after the next year 1,271,367 1,581,146
7) trade payables 4,527,605 3,942,364
due within the next year 4,527,605 3,942,364
12) tax payables 302,769 481,563
due after the next year 302,769 481,563
13) amounts payable to social security institutions 971,121 1,113,514
due within the next year 971,121 1,113,514
14) other receivables 2,300,702 2,571,708
due within the next year 2,300,702 2,571,708
Total receivables 9,989,961 10,300,404
E) Accrual and deferred income 1,686,362 1,516,529
Total liabilities 18,104,072 19,821,007

2. Ordinary Income Statement

  30/06/2022 30/06/2021
A) Production value    
1) revenues from sales and services 14,074,876 16,980,396
2) variations of inventory of raw and auxiliary materials, consumables and supplies 64,408 (43,503)
4) increases in fixed assets for internal works 3,111,205 3,161,386
5) other revenues and income    
other 157,138 123,662
Total revenue and income 157,138 123,662
Total production value 17,407,627 20,221,941
B) Cost of production    
6) for raw and auxiliary materials, consumables and supplies 768,667 452,095
7) for services 8,557,113 9,137,932
8) for use of assets owned by others 941,919 849,383
9) for personnel    
a) salaries and wages 4,597,085 4,351,912
b) social security 1,365,781 1,355,627
c) employee severance indemnity 349,842 254,122
e) other costs 117,845 85,062
Total personnel costs 6,430,553 6,046,723
10) ammortization, depreciation and impairment    
a) depreciation of intangible fixed assets 2,888,570 2,423,288
b) depreciation of tangible fixed assets 37,407 45,420
d) depreciation of receivables included in current assets and cash and cash equivalents   40,000
Total amortization, depreciation and impairment 2,925,977 2,508,708
11) variations of inventory of raw and auxiliary materials, consumables and supplies (20,297) 30,407
12) provisions for risks 77,447 79,319
14) other operating costs 163,649 254,926
Total of costs of the production 19,845,028 19,359,493
Difference between value and costs of production (A - B) (2,437,401) 862,448
C) Financial income and expenses    
16) other financial income   -
a) from receivables entered as fixed assets   -
From others 900 900
Total financial income from accounts receivable included in fixed assets from other financial income   -
c) from securities included in current assets other than equity investments 0 7,286
d) income other than the above   -
other 8  
Total income other than the above 8 7,286
Total other financial income 908 8,186
17) interests and financial charges    
other 21,534 27,125
Total interest and financial charges 21,534 27,125
17-bis) foreign exchange and gains and losses 557 218
Total financial income and expenses (15+16-17+-17-bis) (21,183) (19,157)
D) Value adjustment on financial assets    
18) revaluations    
c) of securities included under assets forming part of working capital which are not investments    
Total revaluations    
Total value adjustments to financial assets (18-19)    
Result before taxes (A-B+-C+-D) (2,458,584) 843,291
20) Current, deferred and prepaid taxes on the income of the year    
current taxes   136,021
deferred and prepaid taxes (558,429) 203,418
Total current, deferred and prepaid taxes on the income of the year (558,429) 339,439
21) Profit (loss) for the year (1,900,155) 503,852

1.Cash flow statement, indirect method

  Importo al 30/06/2022 Importo al 30/06/2021
A) Cash flows from operating activities (indirect method)    
Profit (loss) for the period (1,900,155) 503,852
Income taxes (558,429) 339,439
Interest expense/(income) 21,183 19,157
1) Profit (loss) for the year before income taxes, interest, dividends and gains/losses on disposal (2,437,401) 862,448
Adjustments for non-monetary items that did not have a counterpart in net working capital    
Provisions to funds 540,163 522,438
Depreciation of fixed assets 2,925,977 2,468,708
Total adjustments for non-monetary items not recorded as part of net working capital 3,466,410 2,991,146
2) Cash flow before changes in net working capital 1,028,739 3,853,594
Changes in net working capital    
Decrease/(Increase) in inventories (84,705) 73,910
Decrease/(Increase) in receivables from customers 1,334,223 1,064,547
Increase/(Decrease) in trade payables 585,241 541,591
Decrease/(Increase) in accrued income and prepaid expenses (144,587) (88,852)
Increase/(Decrease) in accrued expenses and deferred income 169,833 40,096
Other decreases/(Other increases) in net working capital (327,198) 202,193
Total changes in net working capital 1,532,807 1,833,485
3) Cash flow after changes in net working capital 2,561,546 5,687,079
Other adjustments    
Interest receveid/(paid) (21,183) (19,157)
(Income taxes paid) (27,857) (338,642)
(Use of funds) (249,901) (304,254)
Total other adjustments (298,941) (662,053)
Cash flow from operating activities (A) 2,262,605 5,025,026
B) Cash flow from investing activities    
Tangible fixed assets    
(Investments) (17,192) (29,683)
Intangible assets    
(Investments) (3,370,718) (3,353,157)
Financial assets    
(Investments) (600,389) (496,900)
Financial assets not held as fixed assets    
Divestments 622,659  
Cash flow from investing activities (B) (3,365,640) (3,879,740)
C) Cash flow from financing activities    
Third-party funds    
Financing   1,980
Financial repayments (303,491)  
Sale/(purchase) of treasury shares (1,049) 21,301
Cash flow from financing activities (C) (304,540) 23,281
Increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents (A ± B ± C) (1,407,575) 1,168,567
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the period    
Bank and post office deposits 3,111,004 3,260,371
Cash and cash equivalents 946 4,016
Total cash and cash equivalents at beginning of the period 3,111,950 3,264,387
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period    
Bank and post office deposits 1,702,164 4,428,095
Cash and cash equivalents 2,211 4,859
Total cash and cash equivalents at end of period 1,704,375 4,432,954

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