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  SEIF S.p.A company press release from 27/05/2020

  27/05/2020 - 19:10

SEIF: in April Il Fatto Quotidiano has recorded a growth of copies. Since yesterday the newspaper has been completely renewed in graphics and content


SEIF: in April Il Fatto Quotidiano has recorded a growth of copies.
Since yesterday the newspaper has been completely renewed
in graphics and content

Copies increased by 19% since March and by 7% compared to April 2019

Growth of subscriptions and website traffic

Rome, 27 May 2020Società Editoriale Il Fatto (the “company” or “SEIF”) media content provider and publisher of several editorial and multimedial products, listed on AIM Italia and on Euronext Growth, recorded in April 2020 a growth of the main commercial figures, compared both to the same period in 2019 and to March 2020.

In April 2020 the number of copies of Il Fatto Quotidiano sold in newsstands was 27.907, with a growth of 7% compared to April 2019 and 19% compared to March 2020.

The number of active subscriptions on April 30th 2020 is 38,453, with an increase of 62% compared to the same period last year. The number of active subscriptions includes subscriptions to paper and digital edition of Il Fatto Quotidiano and the monthly magazine FQ Millennium, to the TV platform LOFT and to the website

Since May 26th the "new Fatto Quotidiano" comes out in newsstands completely renewed not only in the graphics - curated by art director Fabio Corsi – but also in the offer of content and with a selection of new important editors.

The multi-channel promotional campaign of “the new Fatto” was signed by the creative agency vangogh, and is based on a slogan inspired by the current scenario: “Do not go back to normal reality”.

This restyling has been designed to keep up with changing times - explained Editor in Chief Marco Travaglio – and it is functional to a growing need for a clearer, more readable and exclusive newspaper. A need for an original and unexpected paper, less tied to the flow of news coming from the day before, which are already chewed by websites, social networks, newscasts, talk shows and press reviews. A paper anchored as much as possible to “Il Fatto's facts”: our scoops, investigative reports, stories, analysis, comments, interviews, debats and fact checking.

“The restyiling of our newspaper is a very important step in the plan of growth of SEIF – commented Cinzia Monteverdi, CEO of Società Editoriale Il Fatto – Although our company has developed a multimedial and data driven approach, it does not intend to slow down in the relationship with newsstands and with the traditional editorial market, which is still the most important portion of our turnover ".

April 2020 was a positive month also for the website, which recorded a growth of 49% in the daily average of unique browsers, compared to April 2019. The daily average of viewed pages is almost 6 million (+46% compared to April 2019).

The following tables show the comparison between commercial figures in April 2020 and April 2019.

Il Fatto Quotidiano
Commercial figures 30.04.2020 30.04.2019 VAR. %
NEWSPAPER (copies sold in newsstands in April) 27.907 26.003 7%
Active subscriptions on 30.04.20201 38.453 23.800 62%

1Includes subscriptions to Il Fatto Quotidiano, FQ Millennium, and to the TV platform LOFT

  April 2020 April 2019 VAR. %
Daily average – viewed pages 5.993.723 4.118.162 46%
Daily average – unique browsers 2.702.186 1.815.883 49%
Total viewed pages 179.757.785 123.495.880 45%
Total unique browsers 36.937.183 23.470.034 57%


SOCIETÀ EDITORIALE IL FATTO S.P.A. (SEIF) is an independent media company, founded in Rome in 2009 and led by Cinzia Monteverdi, Chairman and CEO. The company publishes several editorial and multimedia products, including Il Fatto Quotidiano, founded by Antonio Padellaro and directed by Marco Travaglio, the website and the monthly magazine FQ Millennium, directed by Peter Gomez, the publishing company Paper First and the TV and multimedia content platform Loft. Recently, SEIF has undertaken a process of diversification to become more and more a media content provider at 360° degrees, starting a strategy of development of its products in digital key and data driven. Loft Produzioni is the television production branch of SEIF, and aims to sell formats and documentaries to third-party broadcasters.

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tel. +39 02 63671613
Stefano Bellavita
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