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  What is RSS?

What is RSS?

It is a data format for producing summaries. It is based on the XML metalanguage.

R.S.S. stands for "Rich Site Summary", but is usually translated as "Really Simple Syndication".

An RSS feed is a text file that contains the titles of the latest articles posted by a website and links to them. This file is generated periodically so that the summary is always up to date.

How does RSS work?

Technically, an RSS feed is simply a text file made available to Internet users. You need to use a software called an "aggregator" to be able to consult the summary of the latest articles on a website.

The software generally works in the background, and alerts you as soon as a new article is available on a website.

What's in it for the user?

The amount of information available on the Internet is increasing every day, forcing users to visit more and more sites to get complete and objective information.

RSS technology makes it possible to concentrate the sources of information and filter the data to keep only the information that is useful to you.

The user simply tells the aggregator software the URL address of the RSS file for each site, and sets the filters so that it only displays interesting articles.

The Actusnews RSS feed

It is updated every 15 minutes, and contains the list of press releases published in the last 15 days.

It can be accessed at the following url:

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