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  ROCHE BOBOIS company press release from 18/06/2021

  18/06/2021 - 18:00

Minutes of the Roche Bobois SA Combined General Meeting held on 15 June 2021 - Dividend payment of EUR 0.50 per share

Paris, 18 June 2021

Roche Bobois today announces that the Combined General Meeting of shareholders held on 15 June 2021 adopted all resolutions put to the vote.

The General Meeting approved the payment of a dividend of €0.50 per share. The dividend will be made available for payment as of 22 June 2021.

The General Meeting reappointed all the members of the Supervisory Board, namely Jean-Eric Chouchan, Nicolas Roche, Giovanni Tamburi, Mercedes Erra, Annalisa Loustau-Elia and Société Immobilière Roche, as well as Marie-Claude Chouchan as non-voting member.

The Supervisory Board met at the end of the General Meeting and reappointed Jean-Eric Chouchan as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Nicolas Roche as Vice-Chairman. Mercedes Erra and Annalisa Loustau-Elia, independent members of the Board, were reappointed as Chairwoman and member of the Audit Committee respectively.

Lastly, the Supervisory Board reappointed Guillaume Demulier, Eric Amourdedieu, Antonin Roche and Martin Gleize as members of the Executive Board and reappointed Guillaume Demulier as Chairman of the Executive Board and Eric Amourdedieu as Chief Executive Officer.

All documents relating to the 15 June 2021 Combined General Meeting may be consulted on the Roche Bobois website ( and a video recording of the meeting (in French) is also available.

ROCHE BOBOIS SA is a French family business founded in 1960. The Group operates in 55 countries and has a network of 337 owned stores and franchises (at 31 December 2020) marketing its two brands: Roche Bobois, a high-end furniture brand with a strong international presence, and Cuir Center, positioned in the mid-range market segment with an essentially French customer base. Through its Roche Bobois brand, the Group embodies the French Art de Vivre whose presence can now be felt on the world stage, with original and bold creations from talented designers (Bruno Moinard, Jean Nouvel, Ora Ito, Sacha Lakic, Christophe Delcourt, Stephen Burks, Kenzo Takada, Bina Baitel...) and partnerships with fashion and haute couture houses. Roche Bobois is also a committed partner in the world of culture and the arts. Including franchises, these two brands posted 2020 revenues of €484.5 million excluding VAT, to which Roche Bobois contributed €392.8 million and Cuir Center €92 million.
Roche Bobois SA 2020 consolidated revenues came to €266.0 million.
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