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  QUADPACK company press release from 04/11/2020 - Quadpack celebrates anniversary of Louvrette acquisition

  04/11/2020 - 17:00

Quadpack celebrates anniversary of Louvrette acquisition

Quadpack celebrates the first anniversary of the acquisition that brought two cultures together

• Estimated 10% increase in Louvrette's turnover over 2019
• Approximately €1 million investment in moulds and capacity increase
• 70 products added to Quadpack's proprietary Q-Line range
• Increased focus on sustainable product development
• Huge shift in balance towards own manufacture vs third-party sourcing
• Local supply for European customers; reduced dependence on Asia

What happens when German engineering excellence meets creativity born in Barcelona? A raft of innovative solutions, developed, produced and delivered in a way that is sustainable, creative and efficient. That is just one of the outcomes of the rare but successful ‘marriage' between German manufacturer Louvrette and international beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack. A lot has happened in the year since the acquisition, which pushed Quadpack into the Top 10 of European beauty packaging providers.

Quadpack now has a firm foothold in Germany, the second-biggest cosmetics market in Europe, as well as a mature base in Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. More, the Kierspe plant has become Quadpack's manufacturing hub in the heart of Europe. In this way, the company is responding to market demand for localised supply, with faster lead times, a lower carbon footprint and greater control, as the plant is complemented by the Spanish factories – Quadpack Plastics, Quadpack Impressions and Quadpack Wood – to ensure uninterrupted supply.

Significant investment has been made in the 8,500m2 manufacturing facilities, including €0.5 million in moulds and a €0.3 million state-of-the-art assembly line. Additional investment in decorating and assembly capacity will be made in 2021 to increase in-house capacity for late differentiation and greater agility.

Eight ranges with more than 70 products have been homologated into Quadpack's Q-Line family, all born from Louvrette's expertise in sustainable product development and the art of injection moulding. Now working hand in hand with Quadpack's designers and package developers, more innovations in eco design can be expected over the course of the year ahead, as the company pursues it programme of ‘positive-impact' packaging'.

The current portfolio includes a host of solutions following Quadpack's practice of offering smart, modular solutions, which can be shipped to any region for local decoration and assembly, boosting both time to market and sustainable supply. This includes Louvrette's popular airless range, which is now garnering interest beyond Europe, in the US and Asia Pacific, other regions where Quadpack operates.

With Quadpack's previous experience in mergers and acquisitions, the integration of Louvrette has gone smoothly. The past year has been dedicated to bringing Louvrette into the fold, investing for the future and fostering synergies among the teams.

So far, Louvrette's joining is accelerating the fulfilment of Quadpack's 2020-2025 strategy in every one of its five pillars: global expansion, greater agility, sustainability, collaborative innovation and being a great place to work.

Despite the effects of the pandemic, as a Quadpack company, 2020 looks set to be a good year for Louvrette, with turnover on track to be 10% higher than that of 2019. Fabian Erlhöfer, Quadpack's Country Manager for the DACH+ region and CEO of Louvrette, is not surprised. He said: “Both organisations had the same passion for packaging, drive for sustainability and deep respect for its people. The same values that bound both companies together will drive its future. As part of a global family, we are ready to make our mark on a global industry.”


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