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Preventive technical maintenance
Preventive technical maintenance consists in managing updates and security patches of the CMS (Content Management System) kernel and its extensions « open source » (components, modules and plugins).

Corrective maintenance
Corrective maintenance consists in assisting the customer or intervening directly on his website to help him in the resolution of possible bugs and other malfunctions.

Upgradable maintenance on demand
Evolutive maintenance consists in assisting the customer in the daily evolution of his website (administration and updating of content):

  • Updating articles or items related to a component in the absence of site administrators;
  • Basic HTML integration, adding or modifying images (except those related to the graphic architecture of the site), videos, assistance with the layout of an article, etc. ;
  • Simple modification to the site tree.

Infrastructure maintenance

  • Secure high availability professional hosting;
  • Secure connections, backups and security vulnerability audits;
  • 24/7 technical monitoring by the IT manager;
  • Monitoring and ticket feedback by the Actusnews webmaster team if necessary