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Understand and analyze statistical data in order to optimize your site.

Thanks to the collection and analysis of behavioural data from Internet users visiting the sites developed by Actusnews, we know precisely the route, the source, the number of interactions, the time spent consulting each menu, each page and your target populations.

From this analysis resulting from a long "track record", we draw lessons allowing us to organize and optimize your site for a single goal: efficiency.

Operational example of an ephemeral site dedicated to a financial transaction :

  • What information to highlight?
  • Where to place them on the site?
  • How to promote the user experience in order to maximize the user's orientation towards the subscription part?

These are the questions we can resolve. We don't create a simple site but an online subscription tool.

  • Design, development, integration ;
  • Implementation of CMS (Content Management System) - Update tool;
  • MySQL database creation, management and use;
  • Specific web development in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ….