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Dissemination of your press releases:

  • On your company's financial statements
    ( Facebook,  Twitter,  LinkedIn) ;
  • Real-time display synchronized with broadcast (wire):
    • Real-time display synchronized with broadcast (wire);
    • Display your logo;
    • Press release title display;
    • Refer to full release on

      AMF recommendation

      « The AMF recalls that, in accordance with Articles 223-1 to 223-10-1 of the AMF General Regulation, privileged information disseminated on social media must, on the one hand, be systematically the subject of a press release prior to its effective and full dissemination… »

      « It is recommended to systematically set up a link to the press release with effective and full dissemination, source of information, in order to allow readers to easily find complete information and ensure consistency to avoid the presentation of out-of-context elements or alternative indicators not directly derived from the accounts. »

      AMF Recommendation n° 2014-15 - Communication from listed companies on their websites and social media - DOC - 2014-15

  • A your own contact lists: real-time distribution to your target audiences (customers, prospects, suppliers, journalists...).