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  OL GROUPE company press release from 04/08/2023

  04/08/2023 - 17:45



Lyon, August 4, 2023

The Financial Markets Authority (AMF) announced today the results of the simplified mandatory tender offer initiated by Eagle Football Holdings Bidco Limited (the "Offeror" or "Eagle Football") for the shares of OL Groupe (the "Offer"), following the closing of the Offer on August 2, 2023.

In the context of the Offer, Eagle Football has acquired 16,446,364 shares at a price of EUR 3 per share, representing a total amount of EUR 49,339,092.

Following the Offer, Eagle Football holds 154,232,133 shares representing 87.69% of the share capital and at least 86.62% of the voting rights of the Company[1].

As announced by the Offeror, the Company will remain listed on Euronext Paris.


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Euronext Paris - compartment C

Indices : CAC Small - CAC Mid & Small - CAC All–Tradable - CAC All-Share – CAC Consumer Discretionary
Code ISIN : FR0010428771
Reuters : OL GROUPE.PA
Bloomberg : OL GROUPE FP
ICB : 40501030 Services de loisirs

[1] Based on a share capital composed of 175,873,471 shares representing 178,045,830 theoretical voting rights as of July 5, 2023 (in accordance with article 223-11 of the AMF's general regulations).

It should be noted that 207,000 shares are also assimilated to Eagle Football's shareholding under Article L. 233-9, I°, 4° of the French Commercial Code. Taking this assimilation into account, Eagle Football holds 87.81% of OL Groupe's share capital and 86.74% of its theoretical voting rights.

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