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  OL GROUPE company press release from 13/07/2023

  13/07/2023 - 18:15

Santiago Cucci becomes interim executive president of Olympique Lyonnais

Santiago Cucci becomes interim executive president
of Olympique Lyonnais

Lyon, July 13, 2023.

Eagle Football and OL Groupe are pleased to announce the arrival of Santiago Cucci as interim executive president of the OL group. Recognized for his broad experience in global projects, the Frenchman's mission is to start building Olympique Lyonnais's future while respecting its heritage.

After joining Eagle Football as Chief Revenue Officer, the Frenchman Santiago Cucci has been hired by OL Group and joins the executive committee as interim executive president, upon decision of Chairman and CEO John Textor. Aged 53, Mr. Cucci has contributed to the success of several global businesses such as Levi's Strauss and Dockers, where he served as CEO for the past three years.

Throughout his business career, Mr. Cucci has always maintained a direct connection with the world of football and is eager to actively participate in building and promoting a major institution like Olympique Lyonnais.

Thanks to his knowledge and skills in development and business, the new executive president will accompany the club in the new stages to come, while allowing the institution to evolve towards a more flexible, modern model, keeping pace with the times and expectations, where all components such as the operation of Groupama Stadium, LDCL Arena, and more broadly, the OL Vallée site serve the club and its fans.

John Textor remains Chairman of the Board and CEO (directeur général) of the OL group.


John Textor, Chairman and CEO of OL Groupe said, "We are pleased to welcome Santiago as the interim executive president of Olympique Lyonnais. We are happy that he has stepped up and is putting his experience and network at the service of Olympique Lyonnais and Eagle Football. Santiago has a strong understanding of the football ecosystem and a successful track record on multiple projects, balancing the ambitions of global groups while maintaining strong ties with local communities”.

Santiago Cucci, executive president of OL Groupe said, "I am delighted to have joined Eagle Football and now Olympique Lyonnais to successfully carry out this ambitious project for football and to have the chance to put my experience at the service of this institution, which has always been a reference in my eyes. The model of Olympique Lyonnais is unique in becoming an international project while rooting itself even more strongly in its territory. We must regain our place and our ambitions for our employees and fans, as Olympique Lyonnais deserves that we put all our energies and work into its success."


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