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  OCTOPUS BIOSAFETY company press release from 20/02/2018

  20/02/2018 - 16:45

OCTOPUS ROBOTS: Plan to Seek a Listing on the Compartment of Euronext Access Paris

Octopus Robots, AgTech(1), a pioneer in the bio-security world, announces its intention to register on the compartment of Euronext Access through technical admission.

The Draft Information Document was filed with Euronext during January 2018.

Octopus Robots, a technological breakthrough for bio-security

In a sensitive health context (new infectious diseases, recurrent health crises, bio-terrorist threats, world pandemic forecasts, antibiotic resistance development, etc.), Octopus Robots offers unique solutions to prevent, tackle and treat bio-contamination.

To this end, the startup has developed a range of robots which improve health security at food industry and industrial sites and establishments opened to the public. Its range is based on innovative patented technology unique in the world, the atomisation of liquid substances in the form of dry fog (biocides, vaccines, crop protection products, etc.).

In total, since the launch of the Octopus Robots project in 2014, the company has raised around €3.2M to finance the R&D phase before starting the commercial deployment that began at the end of 2017.

The technology developed by Octopus Robots meets market expectations in:

  • the food industry (animal husbandry, production, transformation, storage, distribution, etc.)
  • human health (establishments open to the public including airports, shopping malls, etc.)
  •  pharmaceutical laboratories (vaccine production, research units, etc.)
  • defence and civil protection (zones with access regulations)

In the short term, it is the animal husbandry market including poultry farming that represents the greatest potential for sales for the company with an estimated market of 1 million buildings(2) to be treated around the world.

Octopus Robots technology allows a poultry farm to:

  • improve the quality of poultry by improving animal well-being and limiting the use of antibiotics
  • treat/sanitise the bedding that houses multi-resistant bacteria, spreads infectious diseases and concentrates high levels of ammonia
  • homogeneously decontaminate buildings during fallow periods
  • increase yields through increasing animal weight and reducing interim costs

The Octopus Robots range is currently based on a mobile, connected, completely autonomous robot with modular Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is operational 24 hours a day thanks to its automated recharge base.
The plan foresees the integration of all data collated by the robots to a private blockchain dedicated to product traceability in the long term.

The Stock Market to raise notoriety and finance growth

Octopus plans a registration of its title on Euronext Access (formerly Marché Libre) in Paris soon to raise its notoriety, particularly at an international level, and will later call on the market to finance its growth.

This floatation on Euronext Access, managed by Atout Capital, is subject to Euronext Paris S.A approval.

(1) AgTech: company specialised in state-of-the-art technology to help agriculture and the food industry.
(2) Source: Zion research analysis 2016


Press coverage:

About Octopus Robots -

A French startup established in Cholet (Maine-et-Loire, France), Octopus Robots develops decontamination technology, particularly bio-security robots, to prevent, tackle and treat bio-contamination in huge buildings. Octopus Robots is currently developing its industrial capabilities and accelerating recruitment in a domestic (France) and international sales force. Octopus robots are manufactured in a highly-optimised and easily exportable process. Octopus Centres around the world are in the pipeline for robot assembly and providing maintenance, an after-sales service and customer relations.





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