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  GROUPE LDLC company press release from 28/01/2021

  28/01/2021 - 17:45

2020-2021 NINE-MONTH REVENUES UP 45.5% TO EUR 542.1M

  • Q3 REVENUES UP 51.3% TO €227.8M (UP 27.1% LIKE FOR LIKE)

Olivier de la Clergerie, LDLC Group CEO, said: “The LDLC Group maintained its strong growth trajectory in Q3 2020-2021, with sales up by more than 50%. All of the Group's businesses continue to benefit from the strong momentum witnessed since the end of the first lockdown, and a year-end period particularly favourable for e-commerce.

This record performance for a third quarter and nine-month period reflects the strong and continued demand by individual consumers and businesses for high-tech products. Thanks to consistently strong market trends, LDLC Group is confident in its ability to post significant growth in 2020-2021, and is now aiming to achieve revenues of around €700m and EBITDA close to €60m. “


 €m 2020/2021 2019/2020 Change (%)
Q1 revenues 149.1 103.7 +43.7%
Q2 revenues 165.2 118.3 +39.6%
Q3 revenues 227.8 150.6 +51.3%
9-month total 542.1 372.6 +45.5%

Corporate data: Q3 2020-2021 revenues amounted to €207.2m and 9-month revenues came to €490.0m.

Q3 2020-2021 revenues: €227.8m (up 51.3%, and up 27.1% at constant consolidation scope) driven by growth in all of the Group's businesses

The BtoC business posted third-quarter revenues of €164.8m, up 67.3% (up 30.3% at constant consolidation scope), underpinned by strong demand for high-tech products. The significant growth of online brands continued, with particularly buoyant business over the year-end period. Consistent with this upward trend, LDLC stores posted revenues of €26.6m, up 26.2%.

The BtoB business achieved Q3 revenues of €59.3m in 2020-2021, up 19.0% from €49.8m in the same period last year.

Other businesses also continued to grow over the period, generating revenues of €3.7m, up 68.3% from €2.2m a year earlier, thanks in large part to the significant performance of L'Armoire de Bébé in the childcare products segment, whose quarterly sales almost tripled to €2.5m (up 188%).

Record 9-month revenues of €542.1m (up 45.5% as reported, up 23.5% at constant consolidation scope)

Consolidated revenues totalled €542.1 million in the first nine months of 2020-2021, up 45.5% and already beating the €493.4 million achieved in 2019-2020 as a whole.

This record growth reflects the major step-up in the BtoC online business since the start of the year, the contribution of Top Achat, acquired in April 2020, and positive trends posted by LDLC stores and BtoB since the end of the first lockdown.

Over the first nine months of the year, BtoC revenues rose 64.6% (up 30.6% at constant consolidation scope) to €397.2m, compared to €241.4m in the same period last year. LDLC store chain revenues (55 LDLC stores in France at 31 December 2020) rose sharply by 17.4% to €61.6m.

With the strong recovery in the BtoB business since Q2 2020-2021 (third quarter of the calendar year), 9-month revenues amounted to €135.8 million, up 8.3% (compared to 0.7% in the first half).

Other businesses posted YTD 9-month revenues of €9.2m, up from €5.8m in 2019/2020. L'Armoire de Bébé has seen tremendous growth since the beginning of the financial year, driven by a sharp increase in online brand awareness, and the opening of a second store in the Paris region. L'Armoire de Bébé posted 9-month revenues of €6.0m, up 164%.

2020/2021 interim dividend

As previously announced, the LDLC Group approved the payment of an ordinary interim dividend of €0.50 per share in respect of 2020-2021 (ex-dividend date 23 February 2021, payment date 25 February 2021).


25th anniversary of the LDLC Group and employee innovation

25 January 2021 marked the 25th anniversary of the LDLC Group's founding by Laurent de la Clergerie. This milestone celebrates the values of commitment, passion, proximity and innovation, embodied daily by the Group's 1,000 employees, that underpin its success.

For LDLC Group employees, this date also marks the switch to a four-day, 32-hour working week. This change is This measure is part of the Group's, and its founder's, proactive approach to ensuring the well-being of LDLC employees at work. Over the last 18 months, the Group has rolled out a series of measures designed to develop a collaborative management approach, as well as reshaping thinking patterns to promote greater peace of mind.

Building on this innovative approach to work, Anikop, corporate management software publisher and LDLC Group subsidiary, decided to overhaul its employee leave arrangements, with unlimited leave in place from 1 January 2021.

Annual targets

The Group has seen strong and sustained growth momentum on its markets since the beginning of the year, driven by an increase in IT equipment in households and businesses, reflecting new uses for digital technology.

Thanks to its omnichannel retail model (physical stores, BtoB, and online BtoC) and the right market positioning, LDLC Group is taking advantage of these positive market trends, and is confident it can maintain momentum in 2020-2021.

Against a backdrop of sharp growth in revenues and earnings, the LDLC Group has once again revised its yearly targets upwards, now aiming to achieve revenues of around €700m and EBITDA of close to €60m, in addition to reducing net debt to zero and posting a cash surplus.

Next release:

29 April 2021 after market close, Q4 2020/2021 revenues


The LDLC Group was one of the first to venture into online sales in 1997. As a specialist multi-brand retailer and a major online IT and high-tech equipment retailer, the LDLC Group targets individual customers (BtoC) as well as business customers (BtoB). It operates via 15 retail brands, has 7 e-commerce websites and close to 1,000 employees.

Winner of a number of customer service awards and widely recognised for the efficiency of its integrated logistics platforms, the Group is also developing an extensive chain of brand stores and franchises.

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