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  GROUPE GORGE company press release from 02/08/2021

  02/08/2021 - 19:30

Transfer of the liquidity contract to EXANE BNP PARIBAS

Security concerned: GROUPE GORGé (ISIN: FR0000062671)

Market: Euronext Paris

Groupe Gorgé has signed a liquidity contract with EXANE BNP Paribas covering its ordinary shares listed on Euronext Paris. This complies with AMF Decision no. 2021-01 dated June 22, 2021, which renews the AMF's earlier decision to establish liquidity contracts related to equity instruments as an authorized market practice.

The new liquidity contract – which has an initial period ending on 31/12/2021 and is automatically renewable for successive 12-month periods – takes effect as from today, August 2, 2021. EXANE BNP Paribas is therefore taking over from Gilbert Dupont, which has managed Groupe Gorgé's liquidity contract 18 May 18, 2005. Groupe Gorgé's termination of its liquidity contract with Gilbert Dupont is the result of its decision to change its investment services provider for market-making and managing its liquidity contract.

Report at the end of the liquidity contract with Gilbert Dupont:

As of the evening of 30 July 2021, the following assets were dedicated in the liquidity account:

  • 40,967.31 euros in cash.

As a reminder, at the time of the half-year report on 30 June 2021, the following resources were dedicated in the liquidity account:

  • 44,990.55 euros in cash

For the implementation of the new contract concluded with EXANE BNP PARIBAS, the following resources were allocated to the liquidity account

  • 240,967.31 euros in cash  

Under the liquidity contract entered into with Exane BNP Paribas, the situations or conditions resulting in the suspension or termination of the contract are as follows:

Suspension of the contract:

  • in the conditions set out in Article 5 of the above-mentioned AMF decision;
  • at the initiative of the Issuer for the period specified by the Issuer; and
  • in the following situations: (i) if the number of its own shares held by the Issuer corresponds to the ceiling set by the Issuer's shareholders, taking into account any shares already held by the Issuer in accordance with Article L. 225-210 of the French Commercial Code, (ii) if the shares' listed price is higher than the purchase price authorized by the Issuer's shareholders for the share buyback program, or (iii) if the share buyback authorization given by the Issuer's shareholders expires or is suspended.

- Termination of the contract:

  • by the Issuer, at any time, with no notice required;
  • by the investment services provider, subject to one month notice period.

About Groupe Gorgé

Groupe Gorgé is a high-tech industrial group driven by a strong entrepreneurial culture. The Group is present in 3D printing, drones, engineering and protection systems and employs nearly 1,850 people. The Group generated revenue of €231 million in 2020.

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Groupe Gorgé is listed on Euronext Paris Compartment B (GOE).


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