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  BOGART company press release from 01/10/2021

  01/10/2021 - 07:30

BOGART develops its April brand, consolidates its organisation and establishes the fourth-largest selective distribution fragrance network in Europe.


Paris, 1 October 2021

Doubling France's network size with the signed acquisition of 38 Nocibé stores

BOGART announces that on 30 September 2021, it completed a deal to take over 41 businesses (38 stores) of the fragrance boutique chain, Nocibé, in France[[1]] via its distribution subsidiary, APRIL SAS (the April brand). All conditions precedent have been fulfilled and the anti-trust authorities approved the deal.

The deal sees the family-owned company double the size of its French network which now has 71 sales outlets, expanding BOGART's geographical coverage to include 35 new towns and cities including Paris.

Against this backdrop, the Group continues its expansion across Europe and cements its position as a perfumer-retailer – the foundation of its growth. Through this vertical integration strategy, BOGART improves the profitability of its Boutiques and leverages its Brands businesses with the roll-out of its own brands across the network.

Bolstered by recent deals, the Group has demonstrated its ability to rapidly integrate small-sized fragrance chains (2014: takeover of 13 Nocibé/Douglas fragrance boutiques) coupled with large-scale chains such as HC Parfümerie (87 stores in Germany) and the later acquisition of Distriplus (200 sales outlets in Belgium).

Integrating the selective network under the ‘April' brand

BOGART has created fragrance and cosmetic products since 1975. The Group is also the owner of iconic beauty brands in Europe and the Middle East including April, Planet Parfum, Milady and HC Parfümerie.

The French group made the strategic decision to consolidate and align its selective distribution network. This is because all BOGART fragrance boutiques will be rebranded as April stores effective 1 October 2021. This accounts for 102 actively operating Planet Parfums and Milady sales outlets in Belgium and Luxembourg as well as the 38 recently-acquired Nocibé stores. HC Parfümerie's 95 fragrance boutiques in Germany will then complete the rebrand as of 1 March 2022.

April's fully-integrated network will consist of 312 selective fragrance boutiques and beauty salons in Europe and the Middle East. This represents a total of 413 stores (including the Di brand) in 6 countries.

The Company also announces the launch of a new global omnichannel e-commerce platform, which will soon provide 30,000 product references. The platform also ensures April's transition into a leading unified commerce player in the beauty industry.

A new brand identity built around April and name change for the BOGART Group

Synonymous with spring and rebirth, April offers a fresh way of looking at beauty and responds to the needs of a customer base with increasing demands and concerns about sustainability. The concept places wellness, service excellence, and local and sustainable consumption at the heart of the customer experience, as epitomised by the You are April loyalty program and the new communication campaign.

Commenting on the rebrand, CEO David Konckier, said that April aspires to: “create connections and implement a virtuous ecosystem, building a community around a beauty tribe. This initiative is supported by a series of shared values involving multiple stakeholders who range from customers and beauty consultants to brands, local charities, and others.”

The expanded offering targets new market segments such as green corners, hair care, electro beauty, home care and intimate beauty. The aim is to build April's corporate image as an industry leader in selective distribution, with a wealth of expertise in Fragrances and Cosmetics and as a brand advocate, forever championing the core values of BOGART: “proximity, expertise and excellence”.

Consolidating the Group's organisation, propelled by strong expansion ambitions in Europe and abroad

BOGART is forging a new identity. In this spirit, the Group recently restructured its governance with a new executive committee and strengthened its European organisation following the appointments of a Retail Business Director and Network Director for April's selective fragrance boutique chain.

BOGART Group is becoming BOGART, with a new logo and new names for its two divisions:

  • Bogart Fragrances & Cosmetics, which covers the activities of its 9 own-brand fragrance and cosmetics brands.
  • Bogart Beauty Retail which covers the activities of its network of 413 own-brand boutiques.

Next publication

BOGART Group will publish its third-quarter turnover on 9 November, 2021.

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[1] Press releases published on 21 May and 1 July 2021.

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