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  GROLLEAU company press release from 24/10/2022

  24/10/2022 - 17:35

Grolleau signs an industrial partnership with IES Synergy for the deployment of its next generation of High-Power Charging stations

Montilliers – October 24, 2022. Grolleau (ISIN Code: FR0014005ZM5 / Mnemonic: ALGRO) announces that it has signed an industrial partnership with IES Synergy, one of the European leaders in direct current charging stations, for the deployment of their new generation of High-Power Charging stations.


Laurent Marbach, Grolleau CEO, declares: “For Grolleau, it is a source of pride to have been selected within the framework of this industrial partnership with IES Synergy. The call for tenders lasted a year with several strong competitors, but we were able to demonstrate our technical and industrial know-how to win this competition. »

As part of this partnership, Grolleau will be in charge of manufacturing the metal structure of the charging station and the mechanical & electrical integration. These new High-Power Charging stations, which will be marketed by IES Synergy, represent the flagship product of their range and are eagerly awaited by the market. This multi-year contract will contribute to Grolleau's turnover from the 2022-2023 financial year.

Already recognized for its know-how on AC charging stations (slow, normal and accelerated), with this new contract Grolleau is accelerating very strongly in the field of high-power charging stations.

DC direct current charging stations require the implementation of more complex technologies than the so-called "AC" charging stations market (slow, normal and accelerated): energy conversion, high electrical power, complex connected vehicle dialogue (IEC 15118).

To date, IES Synergy has installed more than 15,000 Keywatt® charging stations and 1 million industrial on-board chargers which have been deployed in 46 countries[1]. During 2021, IES Synergy participated in the development of fast public charging in France, by supplying more than a quarter of the DC charging points installed[2]. “This new industrial partnership allows us to expand our range by producing a new generation of modular, ultra-fast charging stations designed and assembled in France,” says Jean-Michel Cornille, IES Synergy CEO.

As a reminder, as of September 30, 2022, France had installed 71,630 public charging points out of the 100,000 expected[3].

The market for High-Power Charging stations is expected to grow very strongly over the next few years with the rise in sales of electric vehicles. According to figures from Avere France, 995,596 electric cars (all-electric and rechargeable hybrid) are currently circulating in France and the objective is to reach one million by the end of 2022.

Grolleau recalls having obtained a grant of €800,000 from the Automobile and Aeronautics modernization funds of the France Relance plan as part of its "Puissance G" project (IRVE 2025) to become "the French industrial integrator of ultra-fast chargers" and contribute to the development of the French automotive industry[4]. This grant will be used to finance the permanent modernization of its industrial tool (factory 4.0) to gain in skills and competitiveness and the associated new recruitments. These new developments will benefit the production of the new generation of IES Synergy charging stations.


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Founded in 1950, Grolleau is a French industrial player specialized in the supply of infrastructure equipment to support the development of smart cities and territories in full swing with the deployment of 5G and connected objects.
Grolleau is the recognized specialist in outdoor equipment for the protection and securisation of critical technologies that ensure the proper functioning of territories (energy and water management, connectivity and telecommunications, green mobility, smart grid). Grolleau is the French number 1 in urban cabinets (telecoms / energy) throughout the territory and the 1st French manufacturer on-street electric charging stations.
French constructor, designer, manufacturer and integrator of its equipment, Grolleau controls the entire value chain, from design to delivery, on its industrial site in Montilliers (Angers - France) over more than 60,000 m2 and employs 200 people. The company generated revenue of €31.3 million as of March 31, 2022 and intends to more than double its revenue between 2021-2022 and 2025-26.




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