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  ECONOCOM company press release from 01/03/2022

  01/03/2022 - 17:45


Notice of an Ordinary General Meeting

and an Extraordinary General Meeting

to be held on 31 March 2022

The Annual Ordinary General Meeting of Econocom Group SE will be held on 31 March 2022 to approve the financial statements for the financial year which ended on 31 December 2021.

The agenda also includes a proposal to appoint Mr Laurent Roudil as Director. He would be appointed for a four-year-term, ending immediately after the Ordinary General Meeting of 2026. Considering the executive management powers granted to him, Mr. Laurent Roudil would become Executive Managing Director of Econocom Group SE.

The Extraordinary General Meeting will follow the annual Ordinary General Meeting on 31 March 2022.

The Board of Directors proposes to such Meeting to proceed with a reimbursement of the issue premium, considered as paid-up capital, including the treasury shares held by Econocom Group SE, by debit from the non-distributable “issue premium” account, for an amount of 0.14 euro per outstanding share existing at the date of the coupon detachment.

The coupon detachment entitling to the reimbursement of the issue premium will take place at the end of a two-month period starting on the date of publication of this resolution in the Belgian State Gazette. Payment shall occur after coupon detachment.

All information and documents in relation to the Extraordinary General Meeting will be available on the website ( or upon request at the Company's headquarters.

In view of the health crisis and related measured to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the board of directors encourages shareholders to participle in the Meetings (i) by voting by correspondence, or (ii) by giving a proxy to a person designated by the board of directors in accordance with the rules set out in this notice.

Security holders who have completed the necessary formalities for participating to the Meetings and who have expressed their wish to attend the Meetings will be notified of the precise procedures for holding the Meetings in due course.

Depending on the evolution of the health situation and the applicable rules in the coming weeks, the Company reserves itself the right to modify these participation modalities through a press release and on the Company's website.

As a digital general contractor, Econocom conceives, finances and facilitates the digital transformation of large firms and public organizations. With 49 years' experience, it is the only market player offering versatile expertise through a combination of project financing, equipment distribution and digital services. The group operates in 16 countries, with over 8,200 employees, and generated €2,505m in revenues in 2021. Econocom is listed on Euronext in Brussels, on the BEL Mid and Family Business indexes.
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