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  ECONOCOM company press release from 29/10/2021

  29/10/2021 - 19:05



Publication released in accordance with Article 15, §1 of the act of 2 May 2007 (the "Act") on the disclosure of major shareholdings in listed companies (Loi relative à la publicité des participations importantes dans des émetteurs dont les actions sont admises à la négociation sur un marché réglementé et portant des dispositions diverses / Wet op de openbaarmaking van belangrijke deelnemingen in emittenten waarvan aandelen zijn toegelaten tot de verhandeling op een gereglementeerde markt en houdende diverse bepalingen).

  • Econocom Group's share capital amounts to EUR 23,577,714,67 and is represented by 221,490,430 shares following the capital increase October 29th 2021 of 110,000 new shares related to the exercise of 55,000 warrants attributed in 2014 .
  • The total number of securities giving the right to vote is 221,490,430.
  • The total number of existing single voting rights is 160,477,768, the total number of existing double voting rights is 61,012,662, consequently the total number of existing voting rights is 282,503,092 (the denominator). This denominator is applicable from October 29th 2021 onwards.
  • As of October 29th 2021, the company Econocom Group holds 19,438,183 treasury shares (excluding the liquidity agreement), the voting rights of which are legally suspended.
  • As of October 29th 2021, indirect subsidiaries of Econocom Group (namely BIS, Bedrijfs Informatie Systemen B.V. and EDFL, Econocom Digital Finance Ltd) hold 17,621,393 Econocom Group shares, the voting rights of which are legally suspended.
  • Several option and free share plans have been set up for the benefit of staff and the managers of the group. As of October 29th 2021, the commitments of the group under these plans consist of 3,000,000 free shares and 1,826,420 warrants, entitling to a maximum of 6,562,840 shares, including 3,562,840 new shares granting voting rights. These plans are subject to the holders reaching of individual and/or collective, internal and/or external targets.
  • To date, the total number of outstanding bonds convertible or exchangeable in new or existing shares (OCEANE) due in 2023, amounts to 22,439,865. Each bond can be converted into one share of Econocom Group. The conversion may lead, if applicable, to a transfer of treasury shares or an issuance of new shares in favour of the bondholders. If all bonds would be converted into new shares, 22,439,865 new shares granting voting rights would be issued.
  • In relation to the legal thresholds, the company has not registered additional thresholds in its articles of association.

In accordance with the Act, notifications of major shareholdings, as well as any question relating to the foregoing, must be sent by email to Econocom Group, for the attention of Etienne Jacquet in charge of investor and shareholders relations: [email protected].

Econocom conceives, finances and facilitates the digital transformation of large firms and public organisations. With forty years' experience, it is the market's only player to offer versatile expertise in project financing, equipment distribution and digital services. The group operates in eighteen countries with over 10,000 employees and €2,846m in revenue. Econocom is listed on Euronext in Brussels, on the BEL Mid and Family Business indices.
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