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About Electro Power Systems

Electro Power Systems (EPS) operates in the sustainable energy sector, specializing in hybrid storage solutions that enable intermittent renewable sources to be transformed into a stable power source.

Thanks to a technology covered by 125 patents and more than 10 years of R&D, the Group has developed integrated hybrid energy storage solutions to stabilize electrical grids heavily penetrated by renewable sources, and to power off-grid areas in emerging economies at a lower cost. EPS provides clean energy solutions, reducing electricity bills, without the need for any subsidy or incentive scheme.

The Group's mission is to unlock the energy transition by mastering the intermittency of renewable energy sources. By providing cutting edge systems to control the intermittency of renewables – enhanced by storage technologies – and the Group's unique hydrogen and oxygen storage platform, which enables longer autonomy without resorting to diesel or gas fuelled generators, the Group's technologies enable communities to be powered by renewable energies 24/7 more cleanly and less expensively. EPS is listed on the French regulated market, Euronext, is part of the CAC® Mid & Small and the CAC® All-Tradable indices and has registered offices in Paris, and research, development and manufacturing in Italy. The Group has installed and has under commissioning in aggregate more than 10.5 MW of energy storage systems grid connected, 8.6 MW of Hybrid Power Plants powered by renewables and energy storage, and 3 MW of hybrid systems with hydrogen, for an aggregate output of 46.2 MWh and 22.1 MW in 21 countries worldwide, including in Europe, United States, Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

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