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Market: Euronext Paris - Segment B
ISIN Code: FR0000061129
LEI Code: 9695000UMPNY21KKDO98
Mnemo code: BOI
Reuters code: BOIR.PA
Bloomberg code: BOI:FP
ICB sector: 20103015 - Pharmaceuticals
2, avenue de l'Ouest Lyonnais
Tél. 04 78 45 61 00

Laboratoires BOIRON was founded in France nearly a century ago under the impetus of homeopathic doctors wishing to benefit from the most reliable medication possible. They naturally turned to pharmacists to provide them with this guarantee.
Behind every BOIRON medicine lies the high-standards and commitment made by each of our employees on a daily basis. This is the backbone of our know-how and our profession.
Behind every BOIRON medicine lies a patient and healthcare professionals who place their trust in us. Of this, we are immensely proud.
Homeopathic medicines offer numerous advantages for first-line prescriptions and treatment whenever appropriate, in both general practice and hospital healthcare.
All of our actions aim to contribute to the major challenges presented by public health.
Homeopathic medicines are obtained from substances known as homeopathic stocks using a production process described in the pharmacopoeia. These stocks may be of plant, animal, mineral or chemical origin.
There are two large families of homeopathic medicines:

  • non-proprietary homeopathic medicines;
  • proprietary, branded homeopathic medicines (specialties).

BOIRON group centralizes its production and logistics in France.
It also has 29 local distribution centers or leased distribution facilities in France and various offices in the countries where it has subsidiaries.

BOIRON operates in almost fifty countries and has twenty-one operating subsidiaries.
Net sales are distributed geographically as follows: France (56.2%), Europe (23.9%), North America (15.7%) and others (4.2%).
At December 31, 2019, BOIRON parent company have 3,502 employees. In metropolitan France, there are 2,396 employees.

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