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About AwoX

AwoX is a pure play company for both innovative technology and connected objects designed for Smart Homes. The group is a key player in connected lighting, with a large range of intelligent, LED light bulbs and connected accessories for the home, as well as connected multi-room audio solutions. These two key areas constitute the most dynamic segments of the Smart Home market.

The first publicly traded company specialized in connected objects listed in Europe in 2014, AwoX acquired Cabasse, a leader in electroacoustic technology, mainly due to its prestigious line of high-end speakers, its fitted acoustic solutions for the home and its High Fidelity connected speakers. AwoX and Cabasse joined forces to become the leader in prestigious, streaming audio systems dedicated to Smart Homes.

AwoX is also an industry reference in connected, wireless technology based on the worldwide standard for interconnected content in the home: UPnP/DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance). AwoX is a life member of the administrative council of Bluetooth SIG and the OCF administrative council.

AwoX sells its solutions in over 30 countries, and benefits from an established worldwide network, with an industrial and a commercial subsidiary in Singapore, and commercial offices located in the USA (Palo Alto), Europe (Brest) and in China (Shenzhen).

In 2017, the company was recognized for the second time as a “French Tech” business in “hyper growth”.

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