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  CBO TERRITORIA company press release from 27/06/2024 - Latest news - Block sale and delivery of new housing developments to SHLMR (Action Logement Group)

  27/06/2024 - 18:00

Latest news - Block sale and delivery of new housing developments to SHLMR (Action Logement Group)

Press release – Sale of residential property

Sainte-Marie, June 27, 2024, 8:00 pm (local time)

Latest news - Block sale and delivery of new housing developments to SHLMR (Action Logement Group)

  • Signing of the deed of off-plan sale for the 76-unit Aloe Macra housing estate in the Beauséjour district of Sainte-Marie.

  • Delivery of the residential housing projects Lobélie in the Beauséjour district of Sainte-Marie and Le Foulque 1 in the Marie Caze district of Saint-Paul to SHLMR, totaling 91 housing units

CBo Territoria is pleased to announce that it has signed the deed of sale for the new Aloe Macra housing estate of 76 intermediate rental apartments (under construction) on the Beauséjour site, which is scheduled to be completed in the second half of 2026.

Under construction Aloe Macra housing estate, 76 intermediate rental units in the Beauséjour, district of Sainte-Marie

Furthermore, CBo Territoria has announced the delivery of the Lobélie housing estate (47 homes, including 35 intermediate rental housing units and 12 units financed under the « PLS » social rental loan scheme) in the Beauséjour district of Sainte-Marie, as well as the two-phase Le Foulque 1 housing estate (44 Intermediate rental units) in the Marie Caze district of Saint Paul. These two projects demonstrate the breadth of the Group's residential project portfolio, which is tailored to the real estate demands of the residents of Reunion Island.

Lobélie Housing estate, 47 homes (Intermediate rental units and units financed under the social rental loan scheme) in the Beauséjour estate of Sainte-Marie

Le Foulque 1 Housing estate, 44 Intermediate rental units in La Plaine Saint-Paul

These initiatives testify to SHLMR/Action Logement's restored confidence in the quality and attractiveness of the housing developments established by CBo Territoria, particularly in light of its model of sustainable urban development within a tropical environment.

In the next few months, three programs—Foulque 2 in Saint-Paul, Jade in Saint-Leu, and Zambaville in Sainte-Marie—will be delivered towards an additional 110 houses as part of this agreement.

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About CBo Territoria (FR0010193979, CBOT)

CBo Territoria has been a major real estate operator in La Réunion for nearly 20 years and has evolved into a multi-regional property developer specializing in tertiary assets (€318.9 million, representing 86% of total assets in value at 31 décembre 2023). The Group is pursuing its expansion through the exploitation of its land reserves or through land acquisition, as it is involved in the full real estate value chain (property developer, property investor, and real estate company). CBo Territoria can finance its development through its activities as a residential developer (apartment buildings or sale of land plots) and, secondarily, as a service provider, as well as through the planned transfer of its residual residential properties to SHLMR.

CBo Territoria is a real estate investment firm listed on Euronext Paris (compartment “C”) that is qualified for the PEA PME finance program (small and medium-sized enterprises).

Responsible and committed to a more sustainable real estate since its inception, CBo Territoria has been in the Top 10 of compartment “C” of the Gai?a-Index for the past 6 years, a French benchmark index of the most virtuous small and medium-sized companies in terms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

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