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  CAPITAL SYSTEME INVESTISSEMENTS company press release from 10/06/2024 - Crossing of Ownership Thresholds in ALGREEN by ASSET SEGREGATED 47

  10/06/2024 - 08:30

Crossing of Ownership Thresholds in ALGREEN by ASSET SEGREGATED 47

Information regarding the crossing of ownership thresholds in ALGREEN by ASSET SEGREGATED #47

Lyon, June 10, 2024, at 8 :30 AM

ALGREEN (Euronext Growth Paris, Ticker: ALGRE - ISIN: FR001400IV58) informs the market that the AMC (Actively Managed Certificate) Asset Segregated #47, represented by Capital Système Investissements S.A., has declared surpassing several ownership thresholds by conversion of "Green Bonds."

As part of the financing arrangement established with Capital Système Investissements S.A., announced by the Company in its press releases of March 6 and March 13, 2023, the investor decided to convert 104 Green Bonds into shares.

In accordance with the terms of the Green Bonds, this conversion took place on June 5, 2024, resulting in the issuance of 515,047,620 new shares by the company's board of directors, at an issuance price per share corresponding to the average of the last 5 trading days, as per the financial delegations granted to the board of directors by the shareholders' general meetings.

Following this operation and considering the latest OCEANE conversion by EGHO, ALGREEN's share capital now amounts to €25,825,481.07, divided into 1,229,784,803 shares, each with a nominal value of €0.021.

As a result, AMC Asset Segregated #47 declared that through the conversion of convertible bonds, it surpassed the following thresholds on June 5, 2024: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, and 40% of the share capital and voting rights.

This operation is driven by Capital Système Investissements S.A.'s intention to take part in ALGREEN Group's strategy to develop new activities.

Gilles-Emmanuel Trutat stated, "We are very pleased with this operation which will allow us to be more involved in the operational management of ALGREEN; indeed, our strategy, with a soon-to-be-renewed board of directors, is to finance profitable companies, keep them without a set time horizon, and promote their development in various ways."

Patrick Marché commented, "After many years at the head of ALGREEN, I would like to take a step back. I am delighted to support the new team with my presence on the Board of Directors and to participate in ALGREEN's development, particularly international."

Capital Système Investissements S.A. also confirms that the stake of AMC Asset Segregated #47 is stable and intended to be retained and enhanced through regular appreciation of the stock price over the coming years, reflecting the Company's performance.

Additionally, an agreement has been signed with the EGHO fund stipulating that no conversion will be carried out for a minimum period of 6 months, giving Capital Système Investissements S.A. time to help ALGREEN to make acquisitions. For information, EGHO's remaining convertible debt amounts to €3,620,000.

About Capital Système Investissements S.A.

CSI is a Switzerland-based investor since 2001, specializing in financing the real economy and managing a range of AMCs (Actively Managed Certificates) primarily invested in secured private debt. CSI finances the growth of companies across all sectors, with a preference for technology, energy transition, and consumer goods.

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The ALGREEN Group, a French player in the food industry and distribution sector, specializes in multi-activity agribusiness with a strategy of integrating companies, industries, and brands within a single group while focusing on traditional and innovative SMEs. The ambition of ALGREEN is to become a major player in the European food industry, serving consumers while respecting the environment, health, and promoting "made in local" products.

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ALGREEN (Euronext Growth Paris, Ticker : ALGRE, ISIN : FR001400IV58)

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