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  CAPITAL SYSTEME INVESTISSEMENTS company press release from 07/03/2023

  07/03/2023 - 11:30

Convertible bond issue of EUR 3m in the form of 'Green Bond' for Algreen Group

Capital Système Investissements acts as arranger and bookrunner of a convertible bond issue of EUR 3m in the form of "Green Bond" for Algreen Group, a major player in the food industry in Europe

Geneva, March 7 2023

ALGREEN Group, specialized in multi-activity agri-food, with a strategy of integrating companies, industries and brands within the same group while favoring traditional and innovative SMEs in the context of the ecological transition, announced today that it has signed a private placement agreement of 3 million euros in convertible bonds in the form of “Green Bond” with UPLIFT High Yield European Growth. A first tranche of 500,000 euros has been underwritted to date. This fundraising will help finance projects that contribute to the ecological transition as part of the support for sustainable agriculture.

Patrick Marché, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder of ALGREEN, and Tan Ha, Managing Director, said: “The Green Bond issuance is a first for ALGREEN. It reflects the group's strong commitment to sustainable and environmental agriculture. These funds will enable to intensify the group's support in the ecological transition and finance external growth in the agri-food industry around sustainable agriculture and novel food industries. We would like to thank Capital Système Investissements for having activated this first tranche and for following us in our development”.

CAPITAL SYSTÈME INVESTISSEMENTS, is a Swiss asset manager specializing in financing innovative and fast-growing companies. UPLIFT High-Yield European Growth, is a certificate managed by Capital Système Investissements. This financing in Green Bonds, which meets the ESG criteria of the certificate, was carried out in convertible bond debt yielding 12% per annum with monthly capital amortization over 24 months. This structuring allows investors to quickly recover their capital and the interest of their loan, while greatly reducing the financial burden for the company.

This issue was carried out in accordance with the European Union Green Bond Standards 2020 established by the EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance. Green Bonds are bond issues to finance projects contributing to ecological transition. The difference from conventional bonds lies in the commitments made by the issuer, on the one hand on the precise use of the funds collected which must relate to projects having a favorable impact on the environment and, on the other hand, on the publication each year, of a report giving investors an account of the life of these projects. CAPITAL SYSTEME INVESTISSEMENTS is thus positioned as an important player in the Swiss financial center in the structuring and placement of Green Bonds.

About ALGREEN Group (

Algreen group is a French multi-activity food processing company with the strategy of integrating companies, industries and brands within the same group, while focusing on traditional and innovative SMEs. ALGREEN's ambition is to become a major player in the food industry in Europe for consumers while respecting the environment, health and local production. Algreen is listed on Euronext Growth Paris – FR0011668821 – ALGRE.

About Capital Système Investissements (

Capital Système Investissements is a financial intermediary regulated in Switzerland and based in Geneva. Specialized since 2001 in complex financing for rapidly expanding companies, CAPITAL SYSTEME INVESTISSEMENTS offers professional or qualified investors innovative solutions for investing in high-yield secured private debt through UPLIFT-HIGH YIELD EUROPEAN GROWTH a certificate (ISIN code CH1111191230) with a minimum return target of 10% per year and offering monthly liquidity.



Gilles-Emmanuel TRUTAT, Chairman

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Tan HA, Managing Director

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