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  BOIRON company press release from 28/04/2023

  28/04/2023 - 15:00

2023 first quarter sales



(Unaudited data)

In thousands of euros 2023 2022 Variation at current
exchange rates
Variation at constant
exchange rates
France 54,580 77,055 -29.2% -29.2%
Europe (excluding France) 39,220 34,476 +13.8% +9.0%
North America 33,279 28,944 +15.0% +11.0%
Other countries 5,220 5,305 -1.6% -3.9%
Group total 132,299 145,780 -9.2% -11.2%


In thousands of euros 2023 2022 Variation at current
exchange rates
Variation at
exchange rates
Non-proprietary homeopathic medicines 45,234 45,516 -0.6% -1.4%
Homeopathic specialties 80,055 67,100 +19.3% +15.6%
Other health products 7,010 33,164 -78.9% -79.0%
Group total 132,299 145,780 -9.2% -11.2%

Change in sales

Sales for the first quarter of 2023 were down 9.2%, heavily impacted by a challenging basis for comparison due to strong COVID test sales in the first quarter of 2022. This decline in COVID test sales was primarily localized in France.

Excluding these tests, sales were up 10.6%.

Changes in non-proprietary homeopathic medicine sales were varied. They continued to decline in France while increasing in almost all other countries, particularly the United States.

Homeopathic specialty sales continued to grow in most countries, across all products. This performance is even more remarkable given that sales had already increased significantly in 2022.

Two new homeopathic medicines were launched in France during the first quarter: Prélinium®, traditionally used in the long-term treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis, and Idryline®, eye drops developed for the symptoms of dry eye.


In 2023, Group sales may be impacted by the decrease in COVID test sales, by pressure on the supply of raw materials and by the geopolitical situation in certain parts of the world. Nevertheless, upcoming launches and current momentum in homeopathic specialties enable us to maintain our target of increasing sales.

We continue to put all our energy and determination into ensuring that every patient in the world can take advantage of homeopathy and our other healthcare solutions, thereby supporting a more humane, efficient and sustainable healthcare system.

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Our next updates:
The Mixed Shareholders' Meeting will be held on May 25, 2023 at 10:30 am, at BOIRON headquarters, 2 avenue de l'Ouest Lyonnais, 69510 MESSIMY – FRANCE.
June 2, 2023: after approval by the Mixed Shareholders' Meeting, payment of the proposed dividend (€1.10 per share).
July 18, 2023: after the close of the stock market, publication of the sales on June 30, 2023.
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Contact for financial information: Fabrice Rey
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