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  BLUE SHARK POWER company press release from 27/11/2018

  27/11/2018 - 17:00

The cleantech Blue Shark Power System enters Paris Stock Exchange

The cleantech Blue Shark Power System
enters Paris Stock Exchange
by the way of technical admission on Euronext AccessTM .

Blue Shark Power System (ISIN: FR0013340973), designer and assembler of new generation of tidal turbines announces the listing of its shares on Euronext Access TM Paris by technical admission (Euronext opinion PAR_20181126_10200_ACC).

A revolution in green electricity

In the time frame of the necessary acceleration of the energy transition, Blue Shark Power System brings innovative design of tidal turbines with high performances, endurance and efficiency in the field of hydro kinetic electricity. With very low installation and maintenance costs, Blue Shark Power's turbines produces at least twice as much electricity as a conventional tidal turbine, up to 1MW per hour according to turbines sizes and water currents velocity.

Blue Shark Power System whose turbines are composed of blades and diffusers made in carbon fiber can smooth the forces of the current while attracting the flows in the same time.

This technology, which required 15 years of research and development and for which a patent has been posted, strongly limits the vibrations and therefore prevents the damages on the blades. It performs a much higher performance than its main competitors with an average energy conversion rate of 72% (CP = 72%) .

The company currently offers two different technologies:

  • Blue Shark River for rivers or seas up to 12 m depth. Made of a pillar imbedded in the ground and surrounded by two Blue Shark turbines. The River tidal turbine can produce 99% of time up to 850 kW/ h.
  • Blue Shark Marine for the seas and oceans is a device allowing the machine to always face the current stream like a swimming shark. This tidal device holds two turbines which can produce together up to 1000 kW / h, with a low cost for process of installation and maintenance thanks to its tethering design.

Blue Shark Power System intends to deploy its turbines around the world in partnership with energy operators, and is initially targeting emerging countries offering favorable sites for the production of hydroelectricity, and keeping an open mind toward new technologies.

A significant memorandum of understanding with the Republic of Djibouti, a contract in China, and significant orders intentions in the pipeline.

Blue Shark Power announced recently to have signed of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Republic of Djibouti which includes the sale (with feasibility study) of 495 tidal turbines supplying each 240 KW for a total of 120 MW.

In addition, the company also announced last June the signing of a strategic order with a leading Chinese energy player, under the supervision of NOTC, China's state-owned management of the seas.

This contract in about the sale of a Blue Shark Power turbine for evaluating its performance. After this first delivery, the company should benefit from a new order to test a new turbine on a larger scale. These steps should open to Blue Shark Power System the Chinese market, currently supported by a strong government policy which limits the use of diesel and promotes sustainable energy.

The company also has a large pipeline of order intentions in different countries some of which should be announced at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019.

The stock market to raise awareness, finances, industrialization and growth

Blue Shark Power System registers its shares on Euronext Access TM in Paris to increase awareness of the public and to access more sources of finances in order to invest on its industrialization and support its commercial success throughout the world.

It should be noted that shareholders, other than the company HELIOS GEM holding, company founders, are prohibited from selling their shares of BLUE SHARK POWER SYSTEM for a period of twenty-four months after the first trading date of the shares on Access Compartment Euronext Paris.

In addition, the company HELIOS GEM, undertakes to sell the shares it holds into the company Blue Shark Power System, under the sole condition of fully investing the proceeds of these sales into the company Blue Shark Power System through current account provision and with a view to widen the floating capital, during a period of twenty-four months after the first trading date of the securities on Euronext Access compartment of Euronext Paris.

HELIOS GEM announced that it will sell 15,243 shares of BLUE SHARK POWER SYSTEM at €3.28 on the first trading day, for a total value of € 50k.

The company and its shareholders are committed to a dynamic expansion of the floating capital.
Therefore, this listing on the Euronext Access TM market is a first step before a transfer of
Blue Shark Power System securities on the Euronext Growth sub-fund.
Listing on Euronext Access TM has been advised and managed by Atout Capital.

Modalités de l'opération

Terms of the transaction

ISIN: FR0013340973
Mnemo: MLBSP
Registration procedure: Technical admission
Number of shares comprising the share capital: 5,500,000
Transfer price per share: $ 3.28
Valuation retained at registration : $ 18,063,116
Opening of negotiations: November 28, 2018 - 11:30
Eligibility PEA and PEA PME: Yes
Sponsor Listing: Atout Capital

The transaction does not require a visa from the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). The Information Document has therefore not been covered by the AMF. The Information Document is available free of charge at the registered office of the company BLUE SHARK POWER SYSTEM. It can be downloaded from Companies admitted to Euronext Access are not subject to the same rules as companies regulated market. On the contrary, they are subject to a smaller body of rules adapted to small growth companies. The risk associated with an investment in Euronext Access may therefore be more higher than investing in a regulated market company.

About Blue Shark Power System

Based in New Aquitaine and Ile de France, Blue Shark Power System designs and assembles tidal turbines benefiting from patented technological breakthroughs. The company offers two models, Blue Shark River for shallow waters, and Blue Shark Marine for seas and oceans. His tidal turbines can produce up to 1,000 kW / hour of electricity for installation and maintenance is greatly reduced. Blue Shark Power System promotes the deployment of its equipment in partnership with energy operators around the world.

Philippe Rebboah - CEO
[email protected]
Eric Parent
[email protected]
 Dina Morin
 [email protected]

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