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  BD MULTIMEDIA company press release from 28/05/2024 - Launch of OLYMP Crypto Token and Olympus Game

  28/05/2024 - 08:30

Launch of OLYMP Crypto Token and Olympus Game

BD Multimedia announces the launch of Olympus Game and its $OLYMP token, by its subsidiary Olympus Game AD. This launch marks a significant step forward for Olympus Game. The token, successfully introduced on the blockchain, has been rapidly adopted by the community, generating sustained activity on exchange platforms and growing interest from holders.


The $OLYMP smart contract was successfully deployed on Friday March 17 at around 5pm CEST, demonstrating the ability of the company and the platform to manage secure and efficient transactions. The token's trading activity is available for consultation and exchange on the swap platform at the following address: 1inch OLYMP/USDT Swap.


Since its launch, the value of the $OLYMP token has risen by over 600%, from a low of $0.05028 to a high of $0.3902 in just a few days. The token's total market capitalization exceeds 190 million USD. For further details, all market data can be consulted in real time on CoinMarketCap.


Since launch, more than 1,300 transactions have been carried out on the blockchain, and over 600 crypto wallets have joined the OLYMP ecosystem in just a few days. This rapid adoption testifies to the enthusiasm and confidence of our community.


By using platforms such as Discord and twitter for direct announcements with real-time control, and by relying on the results of systematic tests with a 'virality' focus, the promotion must be amplified and reach more and more players.


Unlike other Play2Earn games whose token value has plummeted due to excessive speculation, Olympus Game aims to attract real players from the video game ecosystem. The aim is to create a growing and passionate community that doesn't just think about reselling tokens to realize their winnings, but reinvests in the game to strengthen their NFTs.

This unique strategy positions Olympus Game at the crossroads of the crypto and video game worlds, opening up to a wider and more passionate community of gamers.


The $OLYMP token is at the heart of the Olympus Game ecosystem, offering opportunities to earn money in a playful atmosphere. The token's rapid growth since its launch is a clear indication of its long-term potential in the world of blockchain gaming. We are confident that the positive momentum will continue as the offer and market expand.


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A fintech-as-a-service shift takes shape

BD Multimédia is a French fintech player in electronic payment services with a strong digital culture. The company is focused on creating value-added services through the use of information and web technologies3 :
  • The parent company obtained a Payment Establishment license from the French regulator (ACPR) in 2015. The company has also been authorized since 2023 to manage crypto-assets on behalf of third parties (wallet management, crypto exchange, etc.) thanks to its PSAN (digital asset service provider) status obtained from the AMF.
  • The BD MULTIMEDIA HK LTD subsidiary publishes software solutions dedicated to payment services.
  • The subsidiary METACOLLECTOR is a platform for integrating ancient public domain art into the world of NFTs. These NFTs can then be viewed in the metaverse and exchanged between collectors.
  • The UNIQUIRE subsidiary supports the Group's “Curated Fine Art NFTs” platform project.
  • The OLYMPUS GAME subsidiary operates a “Play to Earn” game whose blockchain-based economy is centered on the $OLYMP token and in-game NFTs.
  • The PAYCOM subsidiary publishes ToneoFirst prepaid Mastercard cards, which are distributed near all tobacconists in France. 
BD Multimédia is listed on Euronext Growth (ISIN Code: FR0000035305 / ALBDM). 
Full financial reports, including the Statutory Auditors' reports, are published on the Euronext website. These can be consulted on the company's website in the “Press and publications/Annual reports” section.

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